Browning Apples in the Lunch Box? Not!

Have you been apple picking yet? 

We apple pick at least once every year and this year we did our first pick on Farm Fest Weekend, which always makes for a busy kind of time.  The farm we went to, trying to avoid the large crowds, didn’t have a wide variety so I’m hoping to get back for one more apple picking session if the schedule permits.  Last year we went to our favorite apple picking farm on farm fest weekend and we waited almost 45 minutes to an hour just to get in and then it was almost just as long on the ride out…which didn’t make for a happy hubby or happy kids which then equated to one unhappy mom by the time we finally checked out (you know those family moments🙂 Aren’t you glad that the Cleavers are a thing of the past?  If we still had the Cleavers on TV I’d be in therapy as a result of some deep seated fears/complex that we were very abnormal and I was really messing things up somehow!  Thankfully we’re fairly normal (although my kids would beg to differ on certain occasions).

Do you have a favorite apple? 

I happen to be a sweet apple picking kind of girl & tend to go for the Gala, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious varieties.  I even bake with them, which is contraire to what I was taught.  But, that’s the beauty of having so many varieties…we can all choose!  The men in my crew happen to prefer the Mac’s and Empire’s so there are often at least three different (if not more) types of apples in my house.

My trick for browning apples in the Lunchbox!

We love sliced apples…we eat them plain, with peanut butter, with caramel, with some of my dip recipes & almost always with cinnamon.  I refer to them as ‘Cinnamoned’ Apples.   It is my simple solution to serving sliced apples from the lunchbox while avoiding the browning aversion.  We slice them, put them in a Ziploc, shake a healthy dose of cinnamon, seal the bag & shake until all of the slices are covered.  It’s delicious & helps to bring out the natural sweetness without added calories.  I even read that cinnamon helps to curb the appetite, don’t quote me!  However, there are health benefits associated with cinnamon that are worth exploring.

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