Pomegranate Prep 101

I recently posted my Pomegranate Dressing Recipe and before I share my other recipe, I thought I’d share what it took to get there & how you can avoid the process, if you want to.  After all, there’s more than one way to skin a pomegranate 🙂 !!!

You can begin by slicing them in half and if you are just looking to eat the seeds, a regular spoon can do the job, but I’ve found if you’re sitting to eat it like a grapefruit…use a grapefruit spoon.  You know the ones with the pointed, serrated tip!  WARNING – you will encounter pomegranate sprays of juice…so, don’t wear white.

Or, you can extract the seeds, which is what my daughter would prefer I do for her 🙂  Again, you can slice the pomegranate like an orange and begin the long process of peeling out the seeds and wear a few red splats on yourself and your counters.  Or, you can actually soak the wedges in water & extract the seeds in the water so that you don’t wear the pomegranate juice. It’s an A-HA! Moment (not an Oprah A-Ha moment, but an A-Ha moment none the less) with no mess to clean up.

Or, you can avoid the entire hassle and, when in season, buy Pom’s pomegranate seeds.  Yup, you can find them (at least I can at Price Chopper Stores) in the produce section near the cut fruit.  They are approximately $1 more than purchasing the actual pomegranate.

Okay, you’ve extracted the seeds, you’ve cleaned the mess….now what?  I put my seeds, and any juice I can squeeze from the pomegranate, into my mini chopper.  My mini chopper is a little gadget I just can’t live without!  LOVE IT!!! You can buy them in a department store for under $20.

Just grind away & liquefy.  Look inside at the mess you just made?!?!  It’s not done quite yet…now you have to pour it into a strainer to get the juice, but in order to get all of the juice you have to mash it with a spoon.  Voila – it wasn’t that hard was it?  I know, I know…I can hear you (or at least my best friend who doesn’t really enjoy cooking) telling me I am not going to do all of that for a 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice.  My response?  Visit the store and buy Pom’s 100% juice and guess what – I don’t complain one bit about the price, because I know what goes into extracting a 1/2 cup of juice from one pomegranate!  Will I continue to do it this way – sometimes yes!  It’s absolutely delicious!!!  

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  1. We usually cut the pomegranate and put it into a bowl of water. Like you mentioned, this cuts out a lot of the mess and chance of staining clothing. The seeds sink and everything else floats to the top. We store them in a container and love to sprinkle them for crunch and sweetness on salads.

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