Colored Popcorn

Colored Popping Corn

Colored Popping Corn

Colored popcorn is a quick and easy gift giving idea that kids can help make in the kitchen to share with family friends.  It’s very simple!


3/4 cup popcorn

red food coloring

yellow food coloring

2 Ziploc lunch sized bags

1 Decorating bag used for icing (can be purchased at your local craft store)


coloring the popcorn

Place 1/4 cup of popcorn in one bag and add 30 drops of yellow food coloring.  Seal the bag, squish it around until all of the kernels are covered and let it set over night.  In the other bag, place another 1/4 cup of popcorn and add in 25 drops of yellow food coloring and 8 – 10 drops of red food coloring.  Seal the bag, squish it around and let it set overnight.

In the morning, open each of the bags so that the kernels will air dry; typically only a couple of hours.

Fill an icing bag used for cake decorating with 1/4 cup of plain un-popped popcorn kernels, add the yellow and then top it off with the orange.  Trim the top of the bag as needed and tie it off with matching holiday ribbon.  Voila, you have an unsweetened candy corn to share!

The popcorn can then be popped in a pan with vegetable or canola oil, salted and served like traditional popcorn, except that the middle of the popcorn will pop slightly colored.


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  1. How original! I have never thought to do that! You could use different colors to coordinate with the occasion! Thanks for sharing at Gettin’ Krafty!

    1. Yes definitely!!! Will be doing a great share around the holidays – stay tuned & have a GREAT week ~ Jodie

    1. YAY – I’m so glad! Thank you for letting me know…it’s just pure fun!!!

      Have a great evening!

      ~ Jodie

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