After School Thanksgiving Snack that’s Healthy for the entire Family

after school snack fun with fruit

after school snack fun with fruit We left the Halloween decorations up through the weekend & finally packed them back into their bin and put them away earlier this week.  As we say ‘good-bye’ to one very festive holiday, we are dusting off a few new decorations and saying ‘hell-o’ to one of my favorites.  I am not certain what it is about Thanksgiving that I love, but I think in part it is the focus/feeling of family.

We’ve been slowly pulling out all of our Thanksgiving favorites and when my kids were young I tried to capture their hands, fingers & feet in every possible art format I could create – lol.  My ultimate favorites include our family place mats and my turkey platter that adorn my kitchen counters every Thanksgiving since they have been made.  I had this moment as a mom when I was wiping away someone’s messy handprints & I could hear this little voice saying ‘you’re going to miss this someday’ and decided that I didn’t want to wipe away all of those messy prints, but knew they couldn’t stay for ever on my walls or on my floors or around the door trim or around the light switches where I find myself constantly wiping.  However, I could capture them in treasured areas like artwork creations, photos and in ‘making’ memories.  It was at that point that I started to scramble and have them hand print, footprint and fingerprint all kinds of crazy things. 

turkey handprints handprint turkey platter

As I was putting out the placemats, I decided to surprise my youngest with an after school snack to celebrate the launch of the new season & made her a little fruity fun to match our kitchen decor & to feed my own little turkey.

Supplies Needed:

Green grapes

Red Grapes

Reduced Fat Cheese

1 pear

4 whole cloves

Mini Skewers

Wash and dry the grapes.  Cut the cheese into cubes.  Skew the grapes and cheese onto the mini skewers leaving a couple of inches at one end to insert into the pear.  Insert the kabobs into one side of the pear to create the feathered effect.  Insert the longer portion of the cloves into the pear for eyes.  Use a mini skewer to carve into the pear a bit so that you can add the round portion of the clove into the pear for the top beak with the long stem sticking out.  Repeat directly below it with a second clove to create the bottom beak.

Note:  The pear should be just ripened,  you don’t want it to ripe.



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  1. What a cute fruit turkey ๐Ÿ™‚ My kiddos would enjoy making and eating it! Thanks so much for sharing at this week’s Freedom Fridays – I hope you’ll join us again week! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Always love visiting Freedom Fridays :)! You guys are always awesome in so many ways. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving… ~ jodie

  2. Great projects and cool Thankgiving snack! I bet these are wonderful – I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. THANK you – and I appreciate your weekly hosting; I know it’s a big job! Hope your holiday weekend was good ~ jodie

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