One School’s Action Plan to Grow Healthy Kid Communities

 I recently had the chance to chat with a couple of volunteers from the Glenmont Elementary School to learn a little more about what they do at their school.  I’ve had the privilege & opportunity to visit their school on several occasions for different activities & festivities over the past several years & wanted to learn just a little more about their Healthy Kid Week & all of the other great activities they have going on.  Here are some of their fabulous programs that help to encourage a healthy mindset & lifestyle for the students at their school;

Healthy Schools promote Healthy Kids

Healthy Schools = Healthy Kids!

1.  What events do you host at Glenmont to help promote Health & Wellness throughout the year?
Farm to You Fest, Healthy Kids Week, Peaceful Bus, Hoops for Heart, Glenmont Teaching Garden and an intramural program are wonderful examples of how Glenmont School promotes Health and Wellness throughout the year.  Glenmont School also participates in a variety of service projects to build a sense of community and provide students with the opportunity to feel good about helping others.  We are also proud to announce that Glenmont School will be installing a new playground thanks to the efforts of the Glenmont PTA and the community at large; a wonderful resource to promote fitness and fun. 
2.  Can you provide a brief overview of each type of event?
Farm to You Fest – A week-long educational event that highlights the importance of supporting local farmers, learning about how and where our food is grown and encouraging students to eat fresh produce.  It also includes a community service component whereby students are asked to donate produce for the “Squash Hunger” food drive.
Healthy Kids Week – A week of educational activities and events to promote health and wellness; nutrition, physical fitness, emotional well-being, safety, etc.  
Peaceful Bus – A team building program to help students who ride the bus together get to know, trust and value each other.   This makes the choice to harm or behave disrespectfully toward each other more difficult and less likely. Students participate in ice breaker activities and discuss bus problems. 
Hoops for Heart – An educational and charitable effort sponsored by the American Heart Association that promotes heart healthy activities, educates students about heart health and creates a special sense of community in the school. 
Glenmont Teaching Garden – Award to Glenmont School in 2012 by the American Heart Association, the teaching garden teaches kids how to plant seeds, nurture growing plants, harvest produce and ultimately understand the value of good eating habits. 
intramural – Offered to students in 4th and 5th grade in the morning hours before school. Students engage in a variety of sports as a way to develop their skills, learn good sportsmanship, stay in shape, and have fun.
3.  Can you provide a list of events you have incorporated into your Healthy Kid week in the spring?
This year Healthy Kids Week at Glenmont School will consist of a healthy snack cooking demonstration by Jodie Fitz of Price Chopper accompanied with a lesson brought by one of Price Chopper’s Registered Dietitians, an invitation to families to go screen-free for a day on “Turn-Off Tuesday”, 10 minutes of quiet in the classroom supported by a kid-friendly breathing/relaxation script on “Wellness Wednesday”, awareness of kindness and gratitude on “Thankful Thursday” with classroom activities, and ending the week with classroom dance parties on “Fitness Friday”.
4.  Do you know how long you have been hosting the Healthy Kid week at Glenmont?
Approximately 5 years.
5.  Can you tell me a little more about your school committee that oversees these programs/initiatives  at your school?
There is no one committee that oversees the variety of health and wellness programs at Glenmont School .  Farm to You Fest and Healthy Kids Week, though, are coordinated by the Glenmont Healthy Kids Committee which is part of the district-wide Bethlehem Healthy Kids Committee. The Glenmont Healthy Kids Committee consists of two co-chairs and several other parent volunteers. 





Disclosure: I am pleased to be working with Pupil Benefits who has sponsored the post and encourages the development and growth of Healthy Schools.


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