Easter Egg Decorating Family Fun

Marble Easter Eggs in Whipped Cream

We LOVE Easter Egg decorating!  We’ve decorated Easter Eggs, A-L-M-O-S-T every way possible.  But, my ultimate favorite way to decorate them (to date) is by marbleizing them with whipped cream.  We released marbleized Easter Egg Decorating almost 10 years ago when everyone was rolling their eggs in shaving cream.  We wanted to share a safer food alternative.  You will find other posts from me with this Egg Rolling Fun, but I’m bringing it back to the site with the help of Simon and Lucy, because I realized we need BETTER Pics!

How do we do it?

Place 4 oz. of processed whipped topping into a 13 x 9 glass baking dish. 

TIP:  Use a disposable aluminum pan & toss it all when you’re done! 

Then we added different gel food colorings to it and gently swirled it through out the whipped topping with a butter knife so as not to mix it so that it was one solid color.  

We rolled the eggs in the mixture until they were fully covered.

Rolling eggs in whipped cream is sweet, finger licking, messy business that definitely leaves an impression with egg decorating kiddos!

TIP: Try disposable gloves if you want to minimize the mess.  Simon & Lucy did not mind…

Once we cleaned our hands!  We let the whipped cream covered eggs set for about an hour on a drying rack in the fridge and then wiped away the excess with a damp paper towel. 

Voila! Gorgeous marbleized Easter Egg Decorating fun that the kids will enjoy telling everyone about..

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