Hi there! Welcome to the site.

What’s my story? When I’m on the road people often ask how I got ‘into what I do‘….here’s the short version of my story.

I have a background in programming and community development, coupled with innovative event creation & implementation.  I became a regional director of a not-for-profit at a young age and as much as I loved my fast tracked career, I was a ‘wife & mom’ at heart.  I had joined the growing ranks of moms who wanted to create their ‘life’s work‘ around their growing families.

When my second son was 18 months old, he and I, were in a serious car accident and there’s no question, that entire life experience made my desire to work from home stronger.  Shortly after the accident I was offered a contract job for LESS than half of my salary.  I really wasn’t in the position to take it, but for some reason I didn’t hesitate!  I jumped at the opportunity to work from home and never looked back.  It hasn’t always been the easiest choice and there have been many bumps in the road, but I still would have taken that same path….

As my children grew I saw a lack of children’s programming & started to develop and implement programs that focused on children & families.  It wasn’t until a friend of mine & I developed a healthy living initiative that was designed to get kids moving, yes – this was before the days of Michele Obama, that I found my passion.  We licensed the program to an organization & we were hired to implement it and worked with 15,000 students in upstate New York.  It was GREAT!  I immediately wanted to start incorporating food into the conversation, but it didn’t fit with that model.  So, I created, licensed & implemented the Price Chopper/Market 32 Kids Cooking Club where I have spent the last 10 years traveling in six states cooking with kids & families. I’m always in some form of evolution…

What’s next?  We never fully know where the path of life will lead, but for now my path is taking me on a journey to expand what I’ve been working on for last 10 years. Join me as we chat about how to make Real Food Fast, Taking Better Bites & the continuation of The Kids Cooking Club!  I’m equally excited about my latest Children’s book; Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden and have begun author visits in 2018. 

What about my kids and hubby?  I’m still doing what I set out to do, working my life’s work around the most important people in my life and looking back with ‘no regrets’…I may have changed a few things on certain occasions, but I still don’t regret taking the leap of faith….

So, cheers to the evolution of change, growth and expansion all while working around my fam.