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If you are looking to hire an energetic, fun, interactive speaker on cooking healthy food then Jodie is your go-to girl! There are three ways you can work with her for speaking engagements…

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Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club

When Jodie comes to visit your school she typically spends the day with the entire school conducting grade visits and spending time with students making a snack and talking about healthy foods.  However, the program has been tailored to specific school needs as well.

Often Jodie is accompanied by one of Price Chopper’s nutritionists. While Jodie visits with students and makes a snack, a Price Chopper nutritionist provides an appropriate nutrition discussion through an interactive, hands-on session that demonstrates how kids have the ability to get stronger and healthier bodies simply through their food choices.

Food: A healthy snack is provided for the students from Price Chopper the day of Jodie’s visit to the school as part of the hands on activity.  Ingredients are always peanut free and are provided in advance to identify any student allergies.

Information for Families: A letter is sent home to parents with information about the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club explaining how to obtain recipes from the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and the benefits of the NuVal System as well as other supporting materials.


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Community Events

In 2009, Jodie Fitz created and launched the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and has been traveling in a six state region cooking with children and families. She is currently expanding her popular and growing innovative programming so that she can share more food fun, hands-on recipe making and healthy eating discussions with new kid/family communities. Last year alone she cooked directly with over 25,000 individuals at various schools and community events.

Once a date has been scheduled, Jodie and her team will work through the activity for the day to tailor the details & the specifics of the day’s visit to your organizations needs. In short, the program often consists of visits with each grade level throughout the designated day. Students visit Jodie in a specific area for a hands-on recipe making activity and discussion about better bites, the ‘power of a recipe’ and how recipes can help us get healthier foods in our bodies that we often won’t eat alone, increasing fruits and veggies, etc.

Although there are many recipes that Jodie brings to communities you may find her bringing something like the very popular ‘Sun’s Up Smoothie’ in which students help her grab all of the colors of the rays of sun and blend them up for a discussion on a healthy way to start the day. There is a magic ray of sunshine (shhhh- 100% pure carrot juice) that the kids can’t even taste, which provides an experience and discussion with students about better food choices, etc.

Jodie has successfully developed school based programming that is popular, in demand and receives great reviews with consistent return invites. She frequently visits:

  • Pre-K programs
  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • After School Programming
  • Community/Family Events, etc.

Jodie has been conducting programs in schools successfully for over 6 years in kid communities and large settings. She will work with you directly in regards to student allergies and will provide adapted recipes and discussions that are appropriate. All of this is done in advance to her visit to ensure a smooth sailing and successful visit for everyone involved in the program.

Fee schedules range and are based on varying factors; the school’s desired event, distance, number of students, etc. The best way to determine your program fees is to connect with Jodie, provide a specific request and a proposal(s) will be forwarded to you for review based on an assessment of your needs.

Jodie is also available to schedule visits for…

  • Girl Scout & Boy Scout events
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • YMCA’s
  • Summer Camps
  • PTA/PTO/Parent Events
  • Fairs
  • Community Family & Kid Activities
  • And, more…
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