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Better Bites is LAUNCHING in September 2018!

Based on research studies that have proven that the more children are introduced to healthy foods at a young age, the more apt they are to form healthy food habits.

Better Bites(tm) is a hands-on, innovative program in which Recipe Girl and Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester take food adventures with their food & kitchen pals inspiring children everywhere to eat their fruits & veggies through a Better Bites, taste testing, recipe making program.  Children will also be taking Better Sips & Better Steps as part of their healthy lifestyle programming.  The program is designed primarily for preK & elementary aged students.

If you are interested in learning more about this program contact us at

The Kids Cooking Club

The Kids Cooking Club has been in existence for 10 years & is going strong.  It is currently licensed in a six state region that includes Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Vermont.  The program is designed to get kids excited about cooking & introduce them to life skills through hands-on experiences.  The program largely focuses on healthy ingredients and is based on studies that demonstrate that the more children are involved in the process, the more they are willing to try and develop healthy habits.  It has school based, community and ‘at home’ components built in.

Interested in bring the program to your area/community/region?  Contact us at

Real Food Fast

Real Food Fast is designed to make mealtime easy for busy families.  It’s all about sharing 

Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden

Jodie's Sponsors

Jodie & her team have an on-going relationship with the Market 32 and Price Chopper brands since…

Jodie worked with FlatOut Flatbreads on an ongoing basis to create web content, promote events that encourage taste testing of the FlatOut product with original recipes created by Jodie, including the distribution of coupons & recipes. In addition, she worked directly with the FlatOut Flatbread brand to create a brand specific e-book for consumers.

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