Jodie created the Kids Cooking Club and launched it with Price Chopper in 2009. She currently travels in their six state territory making recipes, encouraging taste testing & healthy bites, teaching a life skills and getting kids excited about experimenting with food. She often visits schools, after school programs, pre-school programs, community events, organizations, etc.

In addition, Jodie represents the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club in the media & creates corresponding community materials, etc.

Jodie has worked & continues to work with FlatOut Flatbreads on an ongoing basis to create web content, promote events that encourage taste testing of the FlatOut product with original recipes created by Jodie, including the distribution of coupons & recipes. In addition, she worked directly with the FlatOut Flatbread brand to create a brand specific e-book for consumers.

Jodie & her team worked with ZOKU to create a comprehensive give-away campaign that included the creation of original recipes to promote the product to consumers.

Other sponsors have included:

Current Opportunities

Recipe Card Sponsorship

What if there was a way to make your ideal consumer buy your products with no effort from you?

At many of Jodie’s public speaking events she gives out promotional materials to the families in attendance. A favorite is her recipe cards. They are made to feature an original Jodie Fitz recipe, but also showcase a sponsor’s product.

This is a no-brainer way to show your future consumers the real life application of your ingredients. We will feature your ingredients in a way that our readers can relate to. This makes your products an easy buy for them, no convincing needed.

You can view the Sponsorship Deck for Recipe Cards Here. If you’d like more information on starting contact us!