Fresh Apples in this Peanut Butter Combo

apples and peanut butter combo

This recipe is not just for the kids!  I LOVE this combo…YUP, it’s one of my fall favorites.  I created it years ago to swap out the jelly in my kid’s lunch box, but I discovered along the way that it’s one of my lunch favorites.  Heck, truth be told…not that it’s any huge revelation or juicy truth to share, … Read More

Apples & Cheese make the Perfect Fall Snack Combination

Apples and Cheese

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to turn the pages & start to think about fall recipes. It’s been an amazing summer & I’m glad it’s not quite over. The kids are getting ready to go back to school in the northeast, including my own & once they do, it’s time to fire up the ovens for delicious new … Read More

Apples, Cinnamon & a some Dip Recipe Yum

 Apples are a fall staple in the lunchbox & after school and although we love them plain & if you’ve followed along, you know we LOVE them with cinnamon, we also like to mix it up once in a while and equally enjoy adding a tasty dip in the mix.  These dips are great for lunchbox packing, after school snacking, … Read More

We’re trying Fall Salad Combinations & Enjoying Apples in the Mix

Apples Walnuts and Salad

 We are always on the quick & easy dinner fix over here in my kitchen and I am loving all of the prep we are doing as part of our Survival Sunday’s ™; it’s working – woot! woot! While the BBQ Pulled Chicken was cooking in the crock-pot, I was broiling up chicken for both my Chicken Thai Curry recipe … Read More

Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes: Cinnamon Pancakes with Apples on Top

 We’re experimenting with quick and easy breakfast recipes.  And, although everyone would love a hot breakfast, it’s not always doable on a busy morning unless we plan ahead.  As part of our Survivor Sunday ™ Series, I am pulling out some of our delicious favorites and giving them a mini make-over.  One of the recipes that’s been pulled from the archives and … Read More

Holidays Around the World – Easy Recipe Fun!

I visited the East Greenbush Library this past weekend and we made two quick and easy recipes as we explored Holidays Around the World.   First we traveled to Central America to make a coconut based pudding that can be found as part of holiday traditions in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.  Here is the super simple, travel … Read More

Warm Apple Pear Sauce

Warm Apple-Pear Sauce by Jodie Fitz  2 apples 2 pears 1 tsp Price Chopper Cinnamon 3 tablespoons Price Chopper light olive oil 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons agave syrup, light ½ tsp Price Chopper vanilla extract  Peel, core and dice both the apples and the pears.  Set the fruits aside.  In a sautéing pan or shallow frying pan, warm the … Read More

Apple – Caramel Crisp Anyone?

  Do you cook Thanksgiving dinner?  I somehow did get passed on the holiday traditions.  They seam to have skipped from my grandmother’s to me with little interception by mom.  I often wondered how my retired mom got out of ‘it’ while this busy, working mom of three ended up with the dinners & the holidays.  But, in the end, … Read More

Kids Fun Day at Altamont Avenue Price Chopper

Special thanks to the Manager of the Altamont Avenue Price Chopper and all of the staff who helped to organize their first Kids Fun Day! GREAT Event….Kindergarten & First Graders Visited the store.  I had a lot of fun making my Creamy Orange Dip with Cinnamoned Apples with the kids.  They were so cute & so excited! We had several … Read More

Times Union Food Photo Shoot!

On Monday I was over at the Times Union for a food photo shoot.  I love food photo shoots, they really are so much fun! I couldn’t post until today, because I accidentally left my battery charger in Connecticut last week & with my camera on it’s last battery bar, it was either download & post or save what power I … Read More