Reader Tip Tuesday a party full of Crafts & Recipes

WELCOME to week 3 of the Reader Tip Tuesday Food & Craft Party If you were part of the party last week, thank you for joining us & welcome back.  If you are new to the party, we’re glad you have joined us and are here to be part of today’s creative celebration. Reader Tip Tuesday is all about you! … Read More

Reader Tip Tuesday along with our NEW Food & Craft Party

Reader Tip Tuesday with food & craft party

WELCOME! This is our first ‘Reader Tip Tuesday’ adjoined with a Food & Craft Party & you’re all invited… I have been participating in the web parties for years & LOVE seeing everyone’s creativity. As I travel & meet people, I truly enjoy hearing how we all make it work…in the kitchen, raising kids, getting creative, building a business…whatever stage … Read More