Salad Creations the entire family will LOVE

kid friendly caterpillar salad

We are starting June with a Kid-Friendly, super easy to make, Caterpillar Salad that the kids can be in charge of making. Depending on the age, you can prep the supplies, show the kids the photo & let them create the salad for dinner or if they’re older, let them put the entire salad together themselves. At the Price Chopper … Read More

Salad Sailboats are a Yummy way to get Kids Eating Veggies

salad sailboats

  Emily stepped up to the counters this month at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club & helped me to give salad a whole new seasonal bite.  Together we made Salad Sailboats. Not only was this a great way to set sail to eating veggies, it was like crafting with our food making our time in the kitchen creatively tasty. You … Read More

Stir Fry Curry Cauliflower is our Featured Veggie of the Week

curry stir fry cauliflower

I LOVE Vegetables!  When I was a kid, my mom did everything she could with her grocery budget to make sure we had as many fresh vegetables as possible.  In order to make it cost-effective, my parents would take those weekend rides (with us in the back of the family station wagon and no electronics, just our imaginations) to the … Read More

Salad Stuffed Cyclops are perfect Family Fun Halloween Food

salad stuffed cyclops

    We’re having a monstrously great time in the kitchen at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club this month for Halloween. Three new friends joined me at the counters and together we created a family fun meal perfect for this year’s Friday night Halloween festivities.  Marielle helped to build an adorably devious meal starter. We brought plain old salad … Read More

Freeze Pops and Veggies

Freeze pops with veggies

Yellow and red makes orange when mixing paint, but when mixing flavors it makes a delicious combination and in this case, a very cool one.  We’ve been experimenting with freeze pops and veggies and here’s one of our combos to share… Note: In addition to the layered ingredients listed below, you will need coated paper cups, 5 oz. size and … Read More

Blasting Off with Lunchtime Fun

Rocket Ship Lunch Fun

We’re counting down to summer fun and launching with lunch.  There’s less than a week to the end of school and we’re ready to have a BLAST in the kitchen with recipes and more.  Check out this rocket lunchbox meal accompanied with a 3-2-1 Blast Off to Summer Fun Lunchbox Note. Supplies Needed: 4 Sunset Mini Peppers 1/2 Cucumber 2 … Read More

Veggies & Pizza

Pizza is one of our favorite things to eat.  And, like many families we typically have one night a week that is considered ‘Pizza Night’!  Pizza is always FUN, whether ordered or made.  One of the favorite things I like about making the pizza is it’s a great dinner to serve up with hidden vegetables.  One of the pizza’s we’ve … Read More

First Healthy School Visit of 2012!

I’m off and starting the year by doing exactly what I love – visiting with students, making recipes and encouraging them to taste test and try new food combinations. Thank you Arongen Elementary for making my start to the new year fantastic and fun!  The kids were great & I really enjoyed today as we talked about a healthy start … Read More