10 Healthy Halloween Recipes to Make in Your Kitchen

10 Healthy Halloween Recipes #halloweenrecipes #familyfun

10 Healthy Halloween Recipes #halloweenrecipes #familyfun

Looking for Halloween recipes that are fun?  Easy?  And, healthier?  Look no further! 

I’ve got you covered with some great alternatives to help balance out the ‘trick or treat’ holiday fun. 

Your Halloween can be creatively yummy while still adding in fresh fruits and vegetables.  These 10 easy recipes are simple to make and are a perfect addition to your own Halloween recipes.  Let’s get ready to P-A-R-T-Y together with a menu that’s going to rock!  

Beetle Juice is a soda alternative for a healthy Halloween

1. Beetle Juice!  Beetle Juice!  Beetle Juice!

Your kids will be calling out for this delicious blend of fresh fruits.  Beetle Juice is perfect for family fun or Halloween parties and no beetles have been harmed in the making of beetle juice.  Nope, it’s a fresh blend of yumminess and a great soda alternative.  Click here for the recipe:  Beetle Juice Recipe


Witches Brew

2. Witches Brew

Here’s another great potion to add to your Halloween recipes.  It’s Witches Brew and your family or guests will never guess what the bewitched ingredient is in witches brew.  So I say, blend it up, let them guess and surprise away.  It’s another great blend of fresh ingredients that’s so yummy they’ll be calling out for more.

Click here for the recipe:  Witches Brew Recipe

Monster Pumpkin Cookies

3. Monster Cookies

How cute are these?  I created these pumpkin cookies for a fun breakfast cookie on the run.  We turned them into Monster Cookies for the Halloween season.  They are packed with lots of whole goodness.  Bake them on the weekend and they’re ready to ‘grab and go’ on weekdays.  They make Halloween morning fun!  Grab the link and bake away;  Monster Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin Pancakes

4.  Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes = YUM, YUM, YUM!  I released this pancake recipe almost 10 years ago and it’s a hit everywhere I go.  It’s also a family favorite.  These are festively fun for a fanciful breakfast.   Just like Monster Cookies, these can be made ahead, frozen and toasted on busy weekday mornings.  Here’s a link for your own pancake flipping fun;  Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

Halloween lunch ideas

5.  Monsters in the lunchbox

BOO!  There’s monster’s in the lunchbox.  Halloween recipes don’t have to be complicated to be fun.  Add a few key ingredients, tweak a few foods and voila, you have fantastic food finds in the lunchbox.  This lunchbox combo includes my recipe for ‘fake dirt’.  Fake dirt is an alternative to the ever childhood favorite of dirt dessert.  Grab all the how-to’s in the link:  Monsters in the Lunchbox

Tomatillo Salsa and Homemade Chips

6.  Tomatillo Salsa and Witch Chips

Homemade salsa is the bomb!  And, tomatillo salsa goes amazing with these homemade witch chips.  This recipe is perfect for lunchbox packs, after school snacks or for Halloween parties.  It’s a great and festive way to add in veggies.  Here’s the link; Tomatillo Salsa and Witch Chips

Homemade Chips and Cheesy Dip for Halloween Party Yum

7.  Homemade Chips and Cheese Dip

Grab the cookie cutters!  We won’t be using them for sweetness, but we will be using them for one deliciously fun serve.  This is awesome party food and you’re going to want to add it to your Halloween recipes.  These homemade chips are super easy and such fun way to dip into cheesy goodness.  Here’s the recipe; Homemade Chips and Cheese Dip

Salad Stuffed Cyclops Halloween snacks #halloweensnacks #salad #cyclops

8.  Salad Stuffed Cyclops

These salad stuffed cyclops are one of my all time favorite Halloween recipes to share.  They are filled with veggie goodness.  Grab a mini chopper and get ready to create a salad no one will forget.  These little peppers can be picked up and eaten; one of my favorite features to this salad.  Here’s the link; Salad Stuffed Cyclops

Spider Pizza healthy Halloween snack

9.  Spider Pizzas

These itsy bitsy spiders make any pizza night fun and unique!  Spider pizzas are also great to add in whole grains and veggies.  They’re a perfect serve before trick or treating, as an after school snack or as party food!  Here’s the recipe; Spider Pizza 

monster pizza making family fun

10. Monster Pizzas

You can have a blast together building Monster Pizzas.  Grab all of your favorite veggies and create monster memories together. Monster pizzas are great to serve before trick or treating, as an after school snack or as party food!  Here is the recipe link;  Monster Pizzas 


Cheers to Better Bites and making Halloween recipes together ~ Jodie

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