My Gourd-eous Find!

I was making one of my fall visits to a farm near us to grab my gourds, pumpkins and cornstalks when I saw this particular one (the green spotted gourd in the picture to the left) and added it to my pile.   The owner let me in on a little secret…apparently these oddly shaped, green spotted gourds have quite the shelf life.  You simply leave it out all winter, even though it will look like it is rotting at times.  In the spring it will be hard, very light and hollow.

You do have to use a soft steel wool to remove the exterior layer of grime in the spring.  And then what? Some people apparently carve them and some turn them into natural bird houses,  others have varnished them & even painted on them.  They had several hanging throughout their stand and below is a picture of what one looks like after it received it’s gentle clean up in the spring, but still in its natural state.

I thought it was a fun find & will be experimenting with my funny, green spotted gourd with the family this year and just wanted to pass along the tip…

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