Reader Tip Tuesday along with our NEW Food & Craft Party

Reader Tip Tuesday with food & craft party

WELCOME! This is our first ‘Reader Tip Tuesday’ adjoined with a Food & Craft Party & you’re all invited…

I have been participating in the web parties for years & LOVE seeing everyone’s creativity. As I travel & meet people, I truly enjoy hearing how we all make it work…in the kitchen, raising kids, getting creative, building a business…whatever stage in life, we’re all making something ‘work’ and we all add our unique flair to the many facets of our lives. This party is designed to celebrate YOU and whatever you have going on. So link up a little motivation, a little creativity in the craft room, some advice or what’s cooking in your kitchen.

Last week we introduced Reader Tip Tuesday on my Facebook Page & here were some of the shares:

* Colleen ~ owner of “For back to school, I always have a bin of portion-controlled snacks ready for the taking. I like the Ziploc snack size bags and I will divvy up an entire bag of pretzels, popcorn, veggie straws or anything else before even putting the entire bag away.”

Ilissa ~ owner of

“The easiest peach pie recipe and great for summer! Comes from a family cookbook of ours.”

Amanda ~

“Chopping a whole onion at once even if I only need a couple table spoons. No one needs all those tears each time you need some diced onion! I just store what I don’t need so I have it on hand! Also, I try to season at each step when I’m cooking. And I love buying herbs and spics in the bulk section at my local health food store. Sometimes you don’t need a whole jar!”

Kyla ~

“Cloth diapers (not previously used by a baby) make amazing cleaning/mess soak up rags.”

Rebecca ~

“We do a lot of prep on Sunday’s and then freeze. So I freeze individual yogurt parfaits, pudding cups, and sandwiches. Easy to just pull one of each out in the morning and throw it in lunchboxes…”

NOW it’s your turn! LINK up what’s going on in your world this week so that we can learn & celebrate each other’s creativity….

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31 Comments on “Reader Tip Tuesday along with our NEW Food & Craft Party”

    1. THANK you Samantha for joining me for the first ‘Reader Tip Tuesday’. I’m thrilled that you came over to link up the organized fridge & freezer. It looks great…

      I look forward to following you too & hope to see you next week :).

      Have a great week…

  1. Thank for the invite Jodie! Looking forward to your party. I would be happy to add this to my Directory Page and my Pinterest Board if you are open to that. Are there any rules? Have a blessed week!

    1. AWESOME – thank you so much for adding the party to your directory page & Pinterest boards = appreciated! No specific rules at the moment….we simply want to hear & see everyone’s tips & see what everyone is up to. We’re seeing how it goes..after the first week I may close it sooner, but this week we are keeping it open for the entire week as we intro it to the big wide web :)!

      Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a GREAT week & join us next week. ~ Jodie

    1. Thanks Bev! I’m excited to start hosting… to see what everyone is up to & there’s some really GREAT ideas out there….

      Hope to see you next week xo

  2. Hi Jodie-
    Thanks so much for inviting me to your party. We would love to have you join us for Share Your Style Wednesday at 7 p.m. I am hosting tomorrow evening.

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  4. Thank you for the invitation to join the party! I put a link to your blog on my sidebar so others can see where I party and pop over to join the fun…..hugs…..

    1. You rock! THANK YOU so much for adding a link in your sidebar = totally appreciated.

      Thanks for joining us for party #1! I hope to see you next week & wishing you lots of fab…xo

    1. Thanks for joining the first party! I was thrilled at the initial response…finger crossed it keeps growing. xo

  5. Hi Jodie,
    Congrats on the new party. Hope that I have something to share soon! Thanks for linking to SYC.

  6. I am looking forward to making that cheesecake when I have peaches from our tree! My sister used to make sandwiches for work in the morning, with frozen bread in the summer, by lunch it was cool and fresh!

    1. YUM! You are lucky to have your own peach tree :)…I want apple trees, but haven’t convinced the hubs quite yet. LOL

  7. What a great idea, Jodie! I’m sorry I was late visiting so too late to link up. Love the tip about freezing things on Sunday for lunch boxes all week. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us at Hearth and Soul!

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