Slice of Easy Watermelon Pizza for a Delicious Snack or Yummy Dessert Anyone?

watermelon pizza

Mmmm… Watermelon Pizza

Looking for dessert? Want to keep it healthy?
Look no further!
Pull out a big slice of watermelon, a few cut pieces of fruit, my yogurt combo & let the family create a watermelon pizza together.
This delicious pizza is about building memories while keeping life fresh & fruity.

Watermelon Pizza by Jodie Fitz

6 oz. Greek vanilla yogurt
6 oz. blueberry yogurt (or your favorite flavor)
Your favorite fruit.

Step 1:

Cut one large round slice out of the center of a whole watermelon.

Step 2:

Cut the watermelon circle into six or eight slices, as if you were cutting a pizza pie.

Step 3:

Stir the two yogurts together. Put the yogurt into a Snap & Seal sandwich sized baggie and seal it tightly. Snip a very small triangle from one corner. Let the kids squeeze the yogurt onto the top of their watermelon pizza slice.

Step 4: Top with your favorite fruits that have been washed, pitted & sliced as needed.

Note: we used strawberries, cherries & blueberries, but you can add pineapple, melon, oranges, kiwi and any other fruity favorites.

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8 Comments on “Slice of Easy Watermelon Pizza for a Delicious Snack or Yummy Dessert Anyone?”

  1. Yummy! what fun. Not that my kids need any encouragement to eat watermelon. It’s one of my favourite fruits. Have you ever had a watermelon drink? It’s the best. just blend watermelon and strawberries then add lemonade. Delicious.

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