A Sip of Beetle Juice = Halloween Drink Fun

beetle juice w johnWhat would our Halloween party be without a fun drink to serve? John joined me to help make Beetle Juice. We love pulling that blender out at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking club for all kinds of concoctions & you will have to see exactly what’s in Beetle Juice by peeking at the recipe & watching John in action in his video clip below as he discovers what’s in it too!  

Beetle Juice by Jodie Fitz

1/2 container frozen pink lemonade

1/2 container frozen grape juice

3 cups water

2 cups ice

1 teaspoon raspberry extract

Triple berry seltzer

Mix the lemonade concentrate, grape concentrate, water, ice and the raspberry extract in a blender.

Add ¼ cup triple berry seltzer to a glass. Top it with ¾ cup of the blended lemonade mixture.

Beetle Juice

Optional: Top it off with a small scoop of raspberry sherbet. Or, freeze the sherbet in a creepy Halloween mold (skeleton heads, bugs, etc) and add two creepy molds to the punch instead of a small scoop.


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