No Bake Snowman Cookies is Making Family Memories

Snowman Cookies

How cute are these snowman cookies?  I love making memories in the kitchen and I love that all recipe making memories don’t have to be complicated for that nostalgic feeling to exist.  Over the years we have created and made a whole lot of no bake holiday fun that’s especially perfect for this time of year.  As a working mom of three, when Christmas Eve would roll around we often wanted to do something special,  however, firing up the oven was the last thing on my ‘to do’ list on that given day.  So, I looked to simplify our lives while still having a little food fun together. Here is one no bake Santa Cookie alternative that keeps family fun simple, but sentimental.

Snowman Cookies by Jodie Fitz

(per cookie)

1 Price Chopper/Market 32 Sugar Cookie

2 tablespoons vanilla butter cream frosting

1 tube of black gel or chocolate decorating frosting

1 orange slice candy

1 string of a pull and peel Twizzler®


  1. Frost the cookie with the vanilla butter cream frosting.
  2. Cut the string of Twizzler® in half and wrap around the top half of the cookie to serve as the top of the earmuffs.
  3. Select two matching colors of mini pastel marshmallows. Press them slightly to flatten and place them firmly in place so that they stick to the frosting on either end of the cut Twizzler®.
  4. Use the tubed frosting to create two eyes and a mouth.
  5. cut the orange slice candy in half lengthwise. Then cut one half into small triangles to create noses. Add one to the center of each cookie.

Where Can I find everything at my Price Chopper/Market 32 Supermarket?

  • In the baking aisle you can find:
    • the tubed frosting
    • the mini pastel marshmallows
  • In the bakery you can find:
    • The sugar pre-baked cookies
    • The butter cream frosting
  • In the candy aisle you can find:
    • Orange slice candies
    • Pull and peel colorful Twizzler® candies

Note: These cookies are fun any time throughout the holidays, but make super easy classroom party treats and/or a fun family activity on Christmas eve to leave for Santa.

Looking for more Christmas Eve holiday fun that doesn’t require you firing up the oven?

Check out this super easy reindeer food activity.  CLICK HERE and make family memories with the kiddos.

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