A Little Dessert Make Over – YUM!

My mom makes an INCREDIBLE Cherry Cream Pie for dessert that is lusciously delicious.  When I was growing up I often asked for it as my birthday dessert instead of having cake.  And, because it’s one of my favs, it’s a commonly found delicacy at the holiday dessert table in our home.  So, in honor of George Washington’s Birthday and his love for cherries and my love for a little food family fun, I gave my favorite cherry dessert a little make over.  I know, it’s not the kind of cherry pie that George Washington enjoyed, but it is the kind of cherry pie that leaves you fighting off the desire to eat a second helping.  My dessert make over got a thumbs up from my entire crew and let me tell you I would have heard if it hadn’t!

P.S. I love the individual cups vs. an entire pie on the table, because it helps to eliminate the fight for the second helping craving; it’s a built in portion control.

 My Cherry Cream Pie Make Over by Jodie Fitz

14 oz. fat free sweetened condensed milk*

8 oz. light whipped topping*

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 teaspoon almond extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Dark Cherries (frozen, pitted and fresh – no sugar added)*

Almonds, slivered**

Fillo dough, un-cooked*

Canola oil*

Non-stick cooking spray

Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees.  Spray a muffin pan with the non-stick cooking spray.  Cut approximately 3 sheets of fillo dough so that you can gently lay a strip in a muffin tin and then cut several layers to fit criss-crossed on top so that in the end you fill the muffin tin.  Repeat this process until you have filled all 12 cups.  Baste the fillo dough with a very light layer of canola oil.  Bake the cups for approximately 5 – 7 minutes.  The follow will be lightly browned.  Removed the pan and let the cups cool completely before removing them from the pan.

Fold the sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice and extracts together until all of the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.  Fold in the cream.  Let the cream mixture set for at least an hour in the refrigerator.

Remove the fillo cups from the pan and place them on serving dishes.  Fill each cup with a scoop of the cream mixture (I used an ice cream scoop).  Top them with the cherries and a little bit of the juice and almonds.

Note: The cherries should be completely thawed before serving.

*Items traded from the original recipe; regular sweetened condensed milk, regular whipping cream, pie crust made with shortening, cherry pie filling.

**Items added from the original recipe.

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41 Comments on “A Little Dessert Make Over – YUM!”

  1. That looks so delicious!! I may have to make that as a guilty pleasure soon! I’m stopping by from the Monday No Rules Blog Hop

    1. 🙂 My mom made cherry cream pie when I was growing up & it was often my birthday dessert choice & is still a regular every holiday season at our counters!

  2. Your call for dark cherries has left me wondering if there is a big taste difference between those and the lighter ones, and I cannot for the life of me remember. I know I love cherries though, and this recipe looks delicious.

    1. :)! I can only find dark frozen pitted cherries, which I prefer over what my mom used to use which was the cherry pie filling.

    1. My entire crew loves this one! I think the sweetened condensed milk is always a winner in a recipe….

  3. YUM! I will be making this one for sure. Love cherries and anything with Sweetened Condensed Milk can’t be bad. Fattening maybe, but never bad. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. I know – that’s why I’ve switched to the fat free one! It’s one of my favorite ingredients…wish I could use it every week LOL! Have to save it for special occasions only!

      Thanks for hosting 🙂

    1. THANKS for hosting :)! I got my earrings today – LOVE them….thank you! Will shout out this weekend.

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