A Little Mother-Daughter Time!

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Every year I make a list of things I ‘hope’ we will do throughout the year.  On my list for 2012? Visit an American Girl Doll store with my daughter.  This week my husband had to go to Boston for work so we jumped at the chance to ride along, enjoy the hotel and then go play at the American Girl Doll store in Natick, MA.  I was so excited because it was one my dreams-come-true having this special mother-daughter moment…

It was WONDERFUL; especially since we went mid-week….I’m a lover of the no-crowds, relax and enjoy kind of travel whenever possible :).

The menu is fun for us & of course there is seating and mini menu’s and fake ordering for your doll.  There’s the ‘paparazzi special’ where they come and take your picture, put it in a frame (all for one low price :))…of course we did it!   And, the surroundings alone are like being in a candy shop with vibrant shades of pink and fun chandeliers at every turn.

In the center of each table are Chat Boxes that are filled with questions to ask each other.  My daughter loved these & we did answer each question left on the table…

My favorite question was this one…

Her answer?  I want to do what my mom does (melt my heart mommy moment right there – :)).

After our over stuffed lunch, we shopped…had her doll’s ears pierced and just relaxed, took our time and enjoyed the experience.  A check on the list I’m so glad we had the opportunity to experience.  We’ve come a long way baby!!! This third child of mine was not my traveling friendly kid, but we’ve finally turned those corners. She was an AWESOME traveller, the experience was fantastic and I’m loving this memory!

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  1. What a wonderful story! I would also like to take my daughters there one day. Thank you for posting this!

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