Jodie Fitz

I have learned how important it is to find your like minded 'partners-in-crime'- better defined as the people you enjoy working with and those who will help you get the job done.

If you read my 'About Me' page, you'll realize that I have a heart and desire to create my life's work around my family. And, for those who know me, they will tell you that I have always had a heart for women who are in the same position with similar desires.

I love our growing crew of creativity & am thankful for the roles they play in my life and unfolding story.  Meet my team:


Alyssa J.

Graphic Design

Alyssa is an upstate native who has relocated to SoCal! She has been bringing her graphic design expertise to the Jodie Fitz Team for over five years. Alyssa’s talent helps to give life to so many of our visions and projects.



Project Coordinator

Julie is a mom to Miss Addison (one of Jodie's favorite Fidget Fans).  She is also a Project Coordinator with Jodie Fitz, LLC.  She was integral in the release of Jodie's book, Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden. Her role continues to expand within the Jodie Fitz, LLC brand and is assisting with the launch of the Better Bites Program.


Eva Whalen

Web Designer

Eva is a freelance graphic designer, writer, and editor at
Eva Whalen Creative
She does web design and maintenance
work to help promote the exciting
programs and brand that
Jodie Fitz, LLC has created.


Emily Connolly

Social Media

Emily is a digital marketer with a background in farm advertising. She specializes in creating organic and paid social media strategies to help maximize the reach of Jodie's programs. Emily started Combined Concepts Media to provide social media consultation to entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses.