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Better Bites Logo with Cartoon Character of Recipe Girls dressed like a super hero holding a green recipe book and the cartoon teeny the tiny taste tester a fairy with a spoon wand
Better Bites™

Better Bites™ is based on research studies that have proven that the more children are introduced to healthy foods at a young age, the more apt they are to form healthy food habits.

Better Bites™ is a hands-on, innovative program in which Recipe Girl and Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester take food adventures with their food and kitchen pals inspiring children everywhere to eat their fruits and veggies through a Better Bites, taste testing, recipe making program.  Children will also be encouraged to take Better Sips and Better Steps as part of their healthy lifestyle programming with fun characters.  The program is designed primarily for preK and elementary-aged students.  The program includes school-based, home-based, and retailer components.  Contact us at for more information.

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Chef hat logo with a cartoon of children cooking and the title kids cooking club
The Kids Cooking Club

The Kids Cooking Club has been in existence for 12+ years and is going strong.  The program is designed to get children excited about cooking and introduce them to life skills through hands-on experiences.  The program largely focuses on healthy ingredients and is based on studies that demonstrate that the more children are involved in the process, the more they are willing to try and develop healthy habits.  It has school-based, community, and 'at home' components built in.

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Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden Author Activities

The programs developed around this picture book have been designed to foster a love of gardening in a fun way, introduce farm-to-table concepts and continue healthy eating discussions.

"We had Jodie Fitz visit the Utica Public Library with her program and book related to Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden."  Ms. Fitz was very professional and outgoing.  The children enjoyed her book and loved discussing how to make pizza. They were very excited when they got to plant their own pizza garden to take home.  Children can easily relate to the story and Ms. Fitz is engaging and patient.  I am looking forward to having her return!" ~ Amanda, Children's Librarian, Utica Public Library

"I really enjoyed Fidget!  The kids were so engrossed by the story and really like getting their hands dirty to plant." ~ Rebecca Verhayden Darling, Burnt Hills - Ballston Lake Library, Head of Youth Services, Librarian

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Real Food Fast™

Real Food Fast™ is designed to inspire families to eat healthy through quick and easy recipes with time-saving tips. Real Food Fast currently provides on-site demonstrations at community venues and corporate activities; however, during COVID all programs are live via ZOOM.  The primary focus is recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, or that are designed for 'make-ahead, freeze-ahead' instructions to make busy weekdays easier.

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