Hi! I'm Recipe Girl™.

I believe a recipe is a VERY POWERFUL tool. A recipe helps us enjoy healthy foods we often won't eat alone.

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Hi everyone! I have spent years visiting schools and making recipes with children of all ages. The one thing I've learned is that a recipe is a very powerful tool. I've been asked a lot of questions from some awesome friends I've met along my cooking journey:  

Question: How is a recipe a powerful tool?

Recipe Girl's Answer: When we prepare and mix certain foods together, they often taste differently.  It can help us eat fruits and veggies we often don't want to eat alone.

Question: What if I don't like a recipe?

Recipe Girl's Answer: It's true, some recipes get a 'thumbs up' and some get a 'thumbs down' but you don't know until you actually try it! Each recipe is like a science experiment with a surprise ending.

Question: How can I cook with you?

Recipe Girl's Answer: I'm so glad you asked! Stay tuned, because every month one of my fruit and veggie friends will be joining me to share recipes that you can try right in your very own kitchen. We have so much to share with you and it's coming your way soon.

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*NOTE: Never make a recipe with any ingredients that conflict with allergies in your family.

**NOTE: If you have an conflicting allergies with the featured fruit or an item in one of the recipes, do not partake. We release new fruits, veggies, and recipes monthly. Stay tuned for future possibilities.