Hi! I'm Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester™!

I love taste testing all kinds of new foods. And, I love meeting friends who like to taste test different foods and recipes. I hope you join me in taste testing adventures as we discover just how our taste buds work while expanding our palates.

Teeny™ Activities

Hi Friends,

Remember that sometimes you may not like a fruit or veggie alone. However, just like Recipe Girl™ teaches, "A recipe is a very powerful tool and it often helps you find ways to eat healthy foods you won't eat alone."

A lot of my friends don't like certain foods alone, but like them in a recipe.

Be sure to hop over to Recipe Girl™'s page and meet our friend Slice™ who's visiting the site this month. 

Let me know if you tried Slice™'s recipes. Let me know if you tried a navel orange all by itself. And, let me know what you liked and what you disliked.

Just print and write me a note or create a special note all on your own.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Your Friend,
Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester™

P.S. I can't wait to see you next month to introduce you to our other friends. They are all awesome and have so many healthy bites to share with you and your family!

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*Note: Teeny™ is a tool to help encourage your child(ren) who are sometimes afraid to try new/unknown foods. Never share foods with any allergy conflicts.