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Slice is a Navel Orange!**

"Hi! I'm Slice™. I am a navel orange and I'm perfect to pack in your lunchbox because you won't have to worry about my seeds. I'm sweet and I'm delicious. I'm also filled with great things to help your body like vitamin C and fiber. You can eat navel oranges alone or in one of the recipes we are sharing this month. Remember your body needs fresh fruits and fresh veggies like me."

Picking Navel Oranges at the Store**

When shopping for navel oranges you want to make sure that the skin is fairly smooth (no blemishes) and when you pick it up that it's heavy for it's size.  When you squeeze it, it should be firm.  

Storing Navel Oranges at Home**

If your navel oranges are ripe, you can store navel oranges room temperature for up to one week. You can store them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

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*NOTE: Never make a recipe with any ingredients that conflict with allergies in your family.

**NOTE: If you have an conflicting allergies with the featured fruit or an item in one of the recipes, do not partake. We release new fruits, veggies, and recipes monthly. Stay tuned for future possibilities.