Better Bites™ at Schools

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What does the classroom curriculum include?

Four weeks of Better Bites™, Better Sips™, and Better Steps™ with Recipe Girl™, Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester™, and their friends.

Here's a peek at what some of the program materials include:

  • Two fruit and two veggie lesson plans complete with fun characters the kids will relate to. They are designed to encourage Better Bites™. The lesson plan includes simple recipes to make in the classroom and supporting materials so that students can build their own recipe book to take home. Fruit and Veggie friends are released with new recipes throughout the year, so you can keep the program going if you desire.
  • Easy in-class activities and a movement chart to encourage an active lifestyle. The games and activities are designed to demonstrate that including movement in our day can be fun and not require a lot of time and/or equipment.
  • Simple water tracking charts and character messages designed to encourage more water, less sugary drinks, and proper hydration.
  • Take-home materials to create a conversation with your student's family/caregivers.
  • Classroom materials that include characters, charts, completion certificates, etc.
  • Complete teacher’s guide.

Here's a peek at our main characters: Sip™, Click™, Recipe Girl™, and Teeny™.

Better Sips™


Better Steps™


Recipe Girl™


Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester™


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