Take a Bite out of Summer with these Easy Cherry Cream Freeze Pop Treats

I'm sharing my watermelon look alike freeze pops made out of a cherry cream base and a surprise layer of green. These pops were inspired by a request from my daughter and they became one of my personal freeze pop favorites.

And, with mid-August taking it's debut.  This is the perfect recipe to remind us to still take a bite out of summer and savor the warm weather; especially those of us who live in the northeast.

The top layer is a combination of fresh pitted cherry puree with some yogurt and semi sweet mini morsels.  And the bottom layer is naturally colored with spinach that you can't taste in the mix.  I hope you are enjoying every last minute of summer!

Watermelon Look-Alike Freeze Pops by Jodie Fitz

Layer 1:

6 oz. vanilla yogurt

10 fresh cherries, pitted

¼ cup semi-sweet mini chocolate morsels

1 tablespoon honey

Place the cherries into a mini food processor and chop them finely. Scrape the sides and continue the chopping process. Add the yogurt and honey into the mini food processor with the finely chopped cherries and process more; until the mixture is pink and the cherry pieces are well blended. You may have to stop, scrape the sides and continue the processing. Once finished, fold the cherry yogurt mixture together with the mini chocolate morsels.

Divide the cherry yogurt mixture into three 5 oz. paper coated cups and place them in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Prepare layer 2.

Layer 2:

6 oz. vanilla yogurt

¼ cup fresh baby leaf spinach

1 ½ tablespoons honey

Place the yogurt, spinach and honey into a mini food processor. Blend until the mixture is fully blended.

Equally add the green layer on top of the cherry mixture in the three cups. Add a craft stick to the center of each pop.

Freeze the pops for a minimum of two hours.

Remove the cups by clipping a piece of the edge with scissors and peeling the cup from the pop.

Looking for more deliciously easy treats?  Check out my raspberry and blackberry swirl pops.  They are simply scrumptious and perfect for an afternoon summer cool down kind of treat.

Click HERE to grab the recipe.

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