Brooklyn is a Trip in the Books and Here are My Discoveries

Brooklyn Park

I can finally say I've added Brooklyn to the list of places that I have visited.

When BlogHer Food 2019 announced that it would be held in Brooklyn, I jumped at the chance to go.  And, as you know, there are always discoveries with any form of travel.  Here are a few of mine;

Discovery #1:  I traveled via Amtrak.  If you travel on Amtrak now through March 2020 in NYS you can get a 15% discount on all train travel if you book through = fantastic!  It's a little tricky & looks like it applies to specific travel times, but that is not the case.  Stick with the site, it takes a little  maneuvering to get the time that is right for you.  You can always do what I did and ask for help 😉!

The hotels that BlogHer had recommended were pricey.   I reached out to my resident expert and she directed me to NuHotel,  a boutique hotel in Brooklyn.  It was perfect!

What I liked?  It was eclectic, trendy and most importantly it was clean.

First pic is my room, which was more spacious than some hotel rooms in Manhattan.  I liked that the flooring was not a rug (really liked that).  Second pic is the fab tile at the entrance.  Third pic is the colorful and fun hallway (my picture does not do it justice).  And, the final pic is the chalkboard wall that you can write on in the bathroom = a fun element!  I happened to spend my birthday in Brooklyn hence my note!

Discovery #2: Check out NuHotel  if you are planning a trip to Brooklyn.

Discovery #3:  Uber is much easier to maneuver in Brooklyn than grabbing a taxi.  It's just the opposite in Manhattan.  It was a little tricky getting to the conference, but once I realized that taxis were not the best option, I was fine!

BlogHer Food was held at Berg'n, which is an event space and beer hall.  It's a trendy and fun venue, but I didn't like it for this event.  There was not enough seating for the attendees and the seating available was very uncomfortable for a full day mini conference.

I did love the energy of the event and the introduction to new food companies.  I do wish there had been more in depth 'how-to's' provided as well as more 'meet and greet' time with other foodies.  Those I met who sat/stood near me were great.  I did leave with a refreshed spirit, which was part of the goal.

My son happens to live in Manhattan and his girl lives in Brooklyn (a.k.a. my resident expert), so evening entertainment was easy and the itinerary was handled for me; my favorite way to travel 😉.

The first night I arrived we all met for a drink & squeezed in a game of darts at a place called Fawkner.  They have these great little alcoves that you can sit in while having a drink.  The alcoves are ideal for lending a bit of privacy; they actually feel like you're in an old ship.

The second night we were busy.  Stop 1 = Brooklyn Bridge Park for the sunset (see below).  It did not disappoint.  We could see the statue of liberty & the Brooklyn Bridge from the park.  It was a beautiful evening and the weather was ideal for a walk.

After the park it was on to Stop #2 = they took me to Colonie for my birthday dinner, which was delish!  The entire dinner was fab, but oh...the burrata appetizer is a must try.

After dinner it was on to Stop #3 = they took me to Floyd for a drink and a game of indoor bocce ball, which I loved.

Discovery #4:  Check out Fawkner, Floyd & Colonie Restaurant if you are going to be in the Brooklyn area.

I missed the rest of my crew on my actual birthday but when I got home I was greeted with flowers, presents and a celebration continuation!  And I say, there's nothing wrong with an extended birthday.  Right?

In wondering if I'd go back to Brooklyn, I asked my resident expert what her top pics would be for a Brooklyn Newbie, which I still fully am.  She suggested the following:

1.  Brooklyn Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge Park (check)

2. Smorgasburg

3.  Brooklyn Museum

4.  Brooklyn Navy Yard (home to rooftop reds vineyard, kings county distillery and a museum)

5.  Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

6.  Axe Throwing

Since I've only done #1 on the list it looks like I'm definitely going back.  There's more to conquer in Brooklyn before I can say 'been there, done that'!

9 Comments on “Brooklyn is a Trip in the Books and Here are My Discoveries”

    1. Yes cities can be overwhelming on one hand & packed with a world of discovery on another :). I was fortunate to have such great guides with me for this trip.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Jodie! I’m so glad you enjoyed Brooklyn. I almost attended BlogHer Food again this year, but I was busy that week so couldn’t make the long (for me in the UK) trip. I’ve always enjoyed it in the past. I haven’t spent much time in Brooklyn though, but your post sure makes me want to! Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party community! Sharing!

    1. As you saw, it was only one day, it would have been a long trip for you…but you could have tacked on added other fun in the big city :). Please let me know when you are in the city next. I’ve got the UK on my ‘must visit’ list 🙂 – Have a GREAT week…

  2. We’ve always talked about visiting New York, but maybe we should visit Brooklyn. Pinning! Where did you get on and off the Amtrak- just wondering- my husband doesn’t like to fly.

    1. I went in and out of Penn Station. It’s an easy cab ride in and uber ride out of Brooklyn and if you’re up for it, there’s the subway (always crowded). There’s a ton to do in Manhattan too…

  3. What a great trip and a great post, you just took us with you! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

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