Picnic Menu made Easy with Grilled Tomato Caprese Sandwich on FlatOut

caprese sandwich

caprese sandwich

Summer food is meant to be easy!  And, there’s nothing better than a simple combination for a picnic outing.  We have enjoyed  experimenting with the many Foldit Flavors & this time we found the perfect combination by creating a Caprese sandwich with the Rosemary & Olive oil flavored Foldit by FlatOut Breads.

Our combo was simple;

1. Cut a large yellow tomato.  Baste it with a light layer of olive oil.  Add a sprinkle of sea salt & fresh cracked pepper on each side & grill the tomato slices.

2.  Add a grilled tomato slice to a Rosemary & Olive Oil Flavored Foldit.

3.  Top it with fresh slice of mozzarella, your favorite lettuce (we used a red leaf for a lot of healthy color) and a drizzle of a balsamic glaze.

What we loved most about this sandwich was not just the flavor, but how the Foldit kept it together and caught everything at the bottom so that it didn’t fall out.  This was a perfect picnic/beach bring kind of food; delicious with little effort.

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