Carved Pumpkin to Festive Fall Beverage Service

A carved pumpkin filled with ice, beer and wine

This carved pumpkin is great for entertaining and adds just the right touch to your fall gatherings.  This pumpkin ice bucket/beverage server is easy to make.  It can be prepped and kept in cold storage for up to a week making your entertaining easy!

A carved pumpkin filled with ice, beer and wine

Carved Pumpkin to Festive Fall Beverage Service

This is so easy, so much fun and such a ‘wow’ addition to any fall gathering!  This carved pumpkin is a great way to use up those pumpkins that are ordaining your yard and rocking your fall decor before you have toss them.  So grab one large pumpkin off the porch, carve it out, line it with a plastic bag (I use a turkey oven bag), fill it with ice and add your beverages.

This fun pumpkin idea is great for adult beverages, kid-friendly drinks or creamers at a coffee station.

Did I mention you can prep this ahead?  That’s right!  Honestly, who has time to do this the day of an event, or on Thanksgiving or any gathering for that matter?  Not me! So I tested this for you, you’re welcome, and prepared one…put it in the refrigerator and let it set for a week.  The result?  It looked just as good as the day I carved it.  In fact, I used it at a fall bridal shower I hosted and filled it with flavored creamers at the coffee station.  Everyone loved it!  The only problem? I forgot to take pictures of the creamer filled pumpkin at that particular gathering.  So, do me a favor…if you fill yours with flavored creamers, send me a pic!

Cheers to fall entertaing!

Festive Fall Beverage Service

Carved pumpkin filled with ice and a combination of assorted soda bottles


  • 1 large pumpkin
  • 1 large plastic bag (turkey oven bag)
  • Ice
  • Assorted Drinks


  • Sharp knife
  • Spoon


  1. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut off the top of one large pumpkin. Toss the top.
  2. Scoop out the center of the pumpkin and discard the innards.
  3. Place the plastic bag inside the pumpkin.
  4. Fill it with ice.
  5. Add assorted beverages.


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More Fall Entertaining Ideas!  Check out my Fall Sangria!  This Sangria Recipe is easy to be make, it can be prepped ahead of time and, most importantly, it tastes great! This flavor combination is a crowd pleaser.  Follow the link below the picture to grab the recipe, stir together and serve to your guests.  It’s perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings.

White tray with 3 wine glasses and a pitcher of apple cider sangria filled with orange slices, apple slices and pear slices

Fall Sangria Recipe Link

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