Pizza Garden Planting Activity for Kids

Children scooping dirt from a green bucket to fill up empty egg cartons

This pizza garden planting activity is a great way to teach children about farm to table concepts.  It’s an opportunity to spend time together.  And, it’s a fun way to introduce gardening to children. Pizza Garden Planting Activity for Kids This Pizza Garden Planting Activity is great for the kids.  It promotes: Family Time Gardening  Activity Farm to Table Concepts … Read More

Silly Eggshell Planters for Earth Day

egg shells in a clear carton that are cracked at the top and filled with dirt with colorful silly faces drawn on them with markers

Eggshell planters are a great gardening activity for earth day.  These garden planters are easy to make and are a great kid craft.  The eggshells help to feed your seedlings grow for your family garden.  Silly Eggshell Planters for Earth Day Whether you are an avid gardener or a novice gardener, these silly eggshell planters are perfect for Earth Day … Read More

Free Valentine’s Printable

A Valentine themed tic tac toe game being played with red and pink wrapped chocolate Hershey kisses

Are you still looking for a fun Valentine’s idea to share?  Check out this free Valentine’s Printable! There’s a game, a treat and a bit of fun all wrapped up into one.  The directions for play are all included on the printable and the person who is receiving the Valentine can take it home to play with a parent or … Read More

DIY Rainbow Craft Apron for Kids

DIY rainbow apron made with purple, blue, green, yellow orange and red craft paints by using thumb prints to create a rainbow design on a white apron.

This DIY Rainbow Craft apron for kids is easy and fun to make.  It’s finger painting fun that’s put to great use.  After the rainbow apron dries, you can use the apron for more kitchen memories as you make recipes. DIY Rainbow Craft Apron for Kids   Looking for a little kid fun activity?  Trying to keep everyone busy?  Want … Read More

Dessert Bridal Shower Ideas

A tray of mini vanilla cupcakes in decorative cupcake liners with vanilla frosting on top

Bridal Shower Ideas don’t have to be complicated.  This dessert shower was easy to pull together.  Celebrating the bride is always memorable. Dessert Bridal Shower Ideas I would say that last week FLEW by as we planned Jenna’s Shower.  Who is Jenna?  She has been my intern and our family babysitter for the past three years and we adore her! … Read More

Carved Pumpkin to Festive Fall Beverage Service

A carved pumpkin filled with ice, beer and wine

This carved pumpkin is great for entertaining and adds just the right touch to your fall gatherings.  This pumpkin ice bucket/beverage server is easy to make.  It can be prepped and kept in cold storage for up to a week making your entertaining easy! Carved Pumpkin to Festive Fall Beverage Service This is so easy, so much fun and such … Read More

Goofy Gourd Craft Activity

A young girl holding a white tray with six gourds that have been turned into goofy gourd crafty characters with silly eyes, construction paper, yard, tissue paper, yarn and other items

This Goofy Gourd Craft Activity is super fun to make.  This project is perfect for fall family fun.  It’s all about making family memories together. Goofy Gourd Craft Activity Ready to have a little family fun?  Check out this Goofy Gourd Craft Activity.  The kids will love it; it’s the perfect family memory maker.   Follow these easy steps… Go for a … Read More

Eat a Rainbow Shopping List for Kids

A young girl writing out a shopping list of food items

‘Eat a Rainbow’ is such a fun way to get kids eating their fruits and vegetables.  Get started by teaching children how to make a shopping list with my Eat a Rainbow shopping list.  This kid-friendly shopping list is colorful and encourages life skills. Eat a Rainbow Shopping List for Kids There are so many ways to eat a rainbow!  … Read More

DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks made out of wire hangers and electrical tape on a wooden picnic table with S'mores supplies.

DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are easy to make and fun to use.  Making this activity is a great way to craft with the kids and wow your friends at the next campfire.  S’mores are always memorable and the perfect summer treat. DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Love S’mores? We do! Always looking for a roasting stick? We are! Or, we were … Read More

Two Ways to Play Snow Baseball this Winter and Stay Active

Snow baseball is a great way to keep the kids moving and active this winter while spending time as a family.  Grab the neighbors or some friends, bundle up, get ready to move and make memories while playing together. Looking for some fun games to play in the snow?  Consider playing Snow Baseball.  It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s a … Read More