Changing the Accessibility of Fruits & Vegetables

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I just discovered a new trick in making fruits & vegetables just a little bit more accessible.

I’ve always considered myself pretty good at introducing the fruits & vegetables to my kids.  Over the years we have practiced being taste testers, using the produce aisles at the grocery store as our discovery ground and we’ve become kitchen experimenters with recipes containing fruits & vegetables we won’t eat alone.  When the kids were little we even used to make fruit & vegetable charts so that we could mark how many we were eating throughout the day, in fact,  I still countdown with my youngest when we are deciding on after school snacks to help make better choices & I even remind my teen of the rules.  When we first moved into our home, almost 8 years ago, I designated a shelf for easy access to certain fruits likes apples, pears, bananas, etc.  It’s directly in front of you as you walk in & I always keep everything washed, dried & ready to grab to make lunch box packing & after school snacking easy; although I’m not going to lie & tell you that it’s always the first thing they (a.k.a my kids) grab, but having it accessible at eye level & ready to grab has certainly made a difference in their choices & in my lunchbox packing duties…

Like everyone, I’ve been thinking of my goals & resolutions for 2014 and at the top of my list EVERY January is always getting us back on track because we have had our fair share of holiday fun.  Although I love the holidays when they roll around & all of the traditions & flavors that come along with them, I equally love when they are done & we fondly wave adieu until we meet again next year.

 IMG_1499On New Years day I was sitting & sipping my tea & working at waking up (lol) when a segment came on Kathie Lee & Hoda.  I thought it was going to be the typical ‘how to stay on track’ information and to be honest most of it was, but then a tip was shared that made total sense & it was the perfect answer for my growing family.  She talked about the organization of our refrigerators & how we buy produce & put it in to the appropriate produce drawers; yup, that’s me!  So, I decided to give two of my refrigerator shelves a New Year’s Make-Over & take my eye level pantry approach and apply it to the refrigerator.  Today, in the middle of this frigid snow storm when its way to cold to make snow angels & we’re kind of sugared & baked out, I washed blueberries, baby carrots, grapes and grape tomatoes.  I cut up a pineapple, seeded two pomegranates, sliced the celery & made fresh guacamole.  The shelves are cleaned out, everything is ready to grab & with kids that are growing and making more decisions on their own with foods & snacks, it’s ready to grab & go (for me too)!

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30 Comments on “Changing the Accessibility of Fruits & Vegetables”

  1. I am a big fan of “grab and go”! I love this idea of putting everything eye-level. Also cleaning and chopping everything up as soon as possible really helps me to eat my fruits and vegetables instead of throwing them away after they rot in the drawer. I think I’m going to give my fridge a “New Year’s Make-Over” too :)!

    1. :)! It’s been working & I am tossing out less….which is GREAT! Hope your January has been a good one ~ jodie

  2. Great idea, and what better time to do it than during a snow storm (when I really want to snack). It is so important for the kiddos and adults to have healthy snacks on the ready so that we don’t reach for the first sugary starchy junk food we see.
    Thanks for a great idea!

    1. :)! And, the best thing is it really has been working over here….it’s amazing what one little change can do!

  3. A great idea to make fruits and vegetable at eye and reachable for kids. I am a firm believer in teaching our kids to eat right.and they will follow it through their lives. I have pinned this. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Fantastic Friday Link Up. Have a wonderful healthy New Years.

    1. And I was notorious for putting them in the drawers & in the drawers they are kind of all stuffed in because we buy so many fruits & veggies & kids just don’t want to dig through & prep – lol! It’s been working :)…fingers crossed it will become habitual.

  4. Wonderful idea! I’ve found having produce (whether fruits or veggies) already prepped makes ME more likely to eat it, never mind my kids! I don’t do this with fruit but I do with salad toppings. Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

    1. :)! And, I always love when we keep the salad supplies prepped, but separate…it all seams to keep longer…

    1. WE ALL do it/did it :)…I’m so glad we’ve made the change. We still have items in the drawers, but they are the items I will cook with, not the ones for us to grab & eat now. It’s really helped a lot!

    1. THANK YOU for leaving the sweet hugs 🙂 – always love visiting the Favorite Things Blog Hop…have a great week ~ jodie

  5. I think many of us say “duh!” because it is so obvious but no one thought of it! Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

    1. I am surprised what a big difference this has made in eating everything up throughout the week that’s in the fridge – a lot less waste!

  6. Hi! I’m co-hosting the Pin It Monday link party and I found your post SO helpful! My husband and I are also guilty of putting our produce into the produce drawers…and they almost always just rot in there because we completely forget about them! You’ve inspired me to revamp my fridge organization and I’ve voted for you to be featured this week! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    1. YOU are SO SWEET!!! THANK YOU for the vote – hope January was a great start to the New Year, can’t believe it’s almost over…I visited & added all 4 sites to the post as well. THANKs again xo

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