Cooking with Kids!

Kids love to be in the kitchen and it’s a great way to fill a little spare time and spend it together.  Try to set aside at least one day a week to experiment and try a new recipe; there are so many benefits that you will find along your kitchen journey…

Cooking with your kids is important;

* Children who cook learn a life skill.  I always tell my kids, ‘…if you like to eat, eventually you need to know how to cook just a little bit and cooking can be simple & fun!’

*The more children experiment with recipes and food, the more they taste which ultimately helps them find foods they like, which can promote making healthier choices.  I have found that through recipe experimentation, we have found ways to eat foods we won’t necessarily eat alone.

*When families cook, children learn the value of the family unit working together.

* When you cook with your children you spend time together & create memories.

* And, as you cook with your children over prolonged periods of time…some day, you can call home & confidently ask them to start dinner (one of my personal favorites with teens in the house :))!

Cooking with Kids this Summer

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