Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Welcome to my front porch!

Our front porch is where we often like to have coffee and/or tea, sometimes breakfast on a weekend morning during the warmer weather. It’s a little slice of zen in our fast paced lives. Our property is surrounded by trees & the birds are always in full chorus in the morning, providing a pretty peaceful start to the day.

The two adirondack styled chairs & table have been there for several years. As I was cleaning the porch so that we could ‘open’ the outdoors for our spring/summer living, I decided it was a beautiful porch with a lovely, secluded view that needed a little ‘pick me up’.

It’s not quite finished, but here is phase one of deciding to LOVE MY SPACES! Yes, I am on a mission to spruce things up just a little bit & since you have to start somewhere, I decided the front entrance was the perfect place to begin.

The Rug: I found the rug at Target on a 20% sale (score); I know it will be cheaper as the season goes on, but then I stand the risk of it not being available & it was just what I was looking for. Not to mention… after the sweeping, washing, scrubbing & cracked nails, I was ready for a little reward in the sense of a project I had imagined coming to some level of completion.

The Grey Rattan Lanterns: I also found the grey rattan lanterns at target on the same sale (double score). I love that they have the battery operated candles in them that we can light in the evening.

Red Ceramic Lantern: I found the red ceramic lantern at Home Goods for only $16.99. It has a holder in the center for a candle, which will be perfect for a bug repellent candle burn for evenings on the porch (and maybe a glass of wine).

The Pillows: The pillow were accidentally discovered on a trip to Lowe’s for an entirely different purchase (don’t you love when that happens, it makes shopping so much easier).

The Grey Concrete Planter & Fern: The Concrete planter I found at the AtHome Decor Store. They are new in our area & I’m loving it. It was my first visit & my only purchase so far, but I’m certain to go back & share more finds along the way. The fern was from a local garden center.

I’m not certain it will happen this year, but I have my eye open for an outdoor ottoman. If you see one, let me know….grey, black or red would work (wink).

I’m on to the next space….stay tuned (I hope there’s more to share).

12 Comments on “Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space”

    1. Thank you! Yes, we have been using it for coffee & wine & good conversations. The kids have been sitting out there for breakfast. We have a back patio, but it’s been so rainy it allows us to still be enjoying the outside this time of year!!

    1. Thank you! I had not had a front porch in our first house now that I think about it…I do enjoy outdoor spaces. I try to enjoy them as much as possible this time of year because of the LONG COLD winters :)…

  1. I love this little cosy space you’ve made! Gorgeous. We re-oiled our front deck this weekend, it’s nice to have a bit of a facelift x
    I’ll be looking for one of those lanterns now, I like the look of them and great idea for the candles to keep the bugs away 🙂

    1. Yes a fairly easy facelift always makes things feel new & refreshed. I’m in massive clean out of my house mode ~ lol. My office & closet are the cleanest they have ever been….I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but it feels GREAT….

    1. THANK you. We have been enjoying … even the kids have been out there eating breakfast :)…..

    1. Yes! I haven’t even picked out a summer book yet our schedule has been so busy…I have to get on that :)…

  2. This looks like a perfect place to curl up with a book or a cup of coffee. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

    1. WE have been thoroughly enjoying it….we have a ton of birds on our property so it feels like a bird sanctuary ~ lol!

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