Jodie Fitz

Okay…so let’s get real, can you really do it all alone? NOPE!  I have learned how important it is to find ‘your like minded partners in crime‘, people you enjoy working with and those who will help you get the ‘job done’.  If you read my ‘about me‘ page, you’ll realize that I have a heart and desire to create a career/my life’s work around my growing family.  My heart has always been for women who are in the same position and who  want to do the same.  I love our growing crew of creativity & am thankful for the roles they play in my life and unfolding story.

This crew ROCKS and I am forever grateful to have them in the mix.

Ilissa G.

Website/Admin Extraordinaire

Ilissa is a mom to little Miss Laney (one of Jodie’s favorite little friends). She is the owner of The Sparkle Lab & works with Jodie on her website, marketing & promotional materials on a weekly (almost daily) basis.  She is an integral part of the Jodie Fitz, LLC brand and she ROCKS!


Fidget Fun Director

Julie is a mom to Miss Addison (one of Jodie’s favorite Fidget Fans).  She is also a Project Coordinator with Jodie Fitz, LLC.  She was integral in the release of Jodie’s book, Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden. She assists with distribution, creative event coordination & marketing activities.  She is a key component to all of our ‘Fidget Fun’ activities and she is total FAB to work with.