Create Striped Easter Eggs with Rubberbands and Twine

Striped easter eggs sitting in various rabbit-shaped bowls filled with easter grass

Striped Easter Eggs is a fun experimental egg decorating activity.  These finished Easter eggs are colorful.  Making striped Easter eggs is a great way to make family memories.

Creating Striped Easter Eggs with Rubber Bands and Twine #eastereggs #decorating #eggs

Create Striped Easter Eggs with Rubber Bands and Twine

Striped Easter Eggs are one colorful way to decorate eggs at Easter and at the same time have experimental fun.

What will you need to create these striped creations?

  • hard boiled eggs
  • food or Easter egg dye (and any other items in the directions, typically vinegar and water)
  • rubberbands
  • twine
  • Elmer’s glue

How do you hard boil eggs?

Easter is the perfect opportunity to teach children how to hard boil eggs; one of mother nature’s best fast foods.  It’s a forever life skill!

1. Place the eggs into a pan and cover with cold water, approximately one inch above the eggs.
2. Bring the water in the pan to a rolling boil.
3. Place a cover on the pan, set the time and let the eggs cook at the boiling state for approximately 7 minutes.
4. Turn off the burner and let the eggs continue to set in the hot water, covered for an additional 7 minutes.

Note: I always set the timer because I will forget about the eggs.

5. Run the eggs under cold water in the pan until the pan has cooled and the eggs are cool to touch. Place the eggs in a bowl, in the egg shell and let them set in the refrigerator until you are ready to use or serve.

Peeling Tip: I was taught to peel an egg by tapping each tip firmly, but gently enough to only crack the shell and not disrupt the egg. Then roll the egg until the sides crack and are ready to peel off. If the shells are sticking to the eggs at all, simply run the egg under cool water to help release the shell for further peeling.



Striped Easter Eggs with Rubber Bands and Twine

Striped easter eggs sitting in various rabbit-shaped bowls filled with easter grass


  • Hard-boiled eggs (see directions below)
  • Egg Decorating Kit or McCormick Food Coloring
  • Rubber Bands
  • Twine
  • Elmer’s Glue


1. Prepare the food dye colors for egg decorating as directed on the box.

2. Cut the twine to the desired length. I simply cut the twine long enough to wrap around the egg in a spiral fashion.

3. Pour some Elmer’s glue in a disposable cup or bowl. Run the twine through the glue so that it is fully covered. Wrap it around the egg(s).  Let it dry completely.   

4. Carefully wrap rubber bands around the egg(s); it works best around the center of the egg. If there are any cracks in the egg this process will crack the egg completely.  This process will work on eggs with no cracks that have been hard-boiled.

5. Dip your eggs in the desired color(s) and let them dry. You can actually speed the process by gently wiping the egg with a paper towel to remove any drips.

6.  Remove the twine and/or rubber bands and discover your colorful Easter Egg Fun!


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More about making Striped Easter Eggs

Supplies: The rubber bands, twine & Elmer’s glue can typically be found in the School Supply Aisles at Price Chopper/Market 32 Supermarkets. 

Work Surface: You definitely want to cover your work surface before beginning this project.

Cover up: I highly suggest you wear a smock, apron or clothes you don’t mind stained.  Anything can happen (wink).

How to use food coloring to color Easter eggs:

Here is McCormick’s Old Fashioned Egg Coloring process, which is the way my mom colored eggs with me when I was young!

½ cup boiling water + 1 teaspoon vinegar + 20 drops of McCormick food colors

Marbled Easter Eggs made with whipped cream

Looking for more Easter Egg Experimental fun?  Check out how to create marbled eggs using whipped cream. 

Once you get to this post, it’s like an Easter Egg Hunt.  It will lead you to another Easter Egg decorating idea. 

Have fun, make messes and most importantly creating memories together!

Marbled Easter Egg Link


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  1. What a great Video! This is a wonderful idea your do with the Price Chopper kids club.. Im visiting all my blogs that linked to my Fabulous Friday Link Party to wish you guys a wonderful Easter and see you around..
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  2. Fantastic idea to teach the kids to boil the egg too not just doing the arty decorating. I love Bryan’s reaction to the pattern on the egg 🙂

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