Dinosaur Bites in the Lunch Box

Dinosaurs in the Lunch Box

Both Chef Zef & Chef Chloe then joined me to make one big gigantic lunchbox memory with Dinosaurs! Together we created super easy herbivore sandwiches, made hard-boiled eggs to serve as our dinosaur eggs & then took our bone shaped cookie cutters to create fruity shaped dino bones. You can make your own prehistoric memories by following along with the herbivore sandwich recipe below.

Dinosaur Lunch Packing Fun with Jodie Fitz

Herbivore Sandwich Yum

Honey Wheat Bread
2 tablespoons Price Chopper whipped cream cheese
1 tablespoon finely shredded or chopped carrots
1 tablespoon finely chopped bell pepper
½ teaspoon dry ranch dressing
Sliced Cucumber (optional)

Cut two slices of wheat bread into dinosaur shapes by using dinosaur shaped cookie cutters. Mix the whipped cream, ranch dressing, carrots & peppers together. Spread the mixture onto one slice of the bread. Add thin sliced cucumbers if desired. Top with the other piece of bread to create a delicious herbivore sandwich.

Dino Bones Snacks


Simply cut the fruit into long pieces & use a mini bone shaped cookie cutter to create dinosaur bones for a yummy, but healthy lunch bite.

Note: In the video we used honeydew melon, but you can use any fruit that will work; apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.

More Dino Bone Snack Yum: Cheese can easily be cut into dinosaur bones & added to the mix.

Dino Eggs

Price Chopper Eggs, large

Place the eggs in a saucepan. Cover the eggs with cold water. Bring the eggs to a boil over high heat. Cover & let the eggs boil in a rapid boil for five minutes. Turn off the heat, leave the eggs covered & on the hot burner to let them set for an additional seven minutes. Run the eggs under cold water to shock the cooking process.

Peel & serve dinosaur eggs for protein in the lunchbox. Salt & pepper is optional.

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