Earth Day 2012 on the Home Front

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Earth Day, annually observed on April 22nd , is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth and our natural environment. Today my youngest and I started our 2012 home awareness by planting & recycling together after school.  I’m really not the greenest thumb on the block when it comes to gardening.  Over the past several years I have shared a garden with my neighbor.  We have had successful years & not so successful years, but some how we’ve managed to grow tomatoes, squash, green beans, cucumbers, lettuce and broccoli together.  Let me just say there’s been a lot of learning along the way & just a bit of frustration and a whole lot of laughter!  Over the years we tried to go as low maintenance as humanly possible with a hose that’s set on a timer, that was the lesson we learned on year #1; watering turns grew old very quickly with our kids and crazy schedules.  We discovered some kind of ‘critter be-gone’ spray, fencing and have gone through quite a few pairs of gloves through this process.  I have learned that I still hate snakes, which have visited us & the mosquito’s are still annoying to say the least.   Last year we tried putting down the sun blocker around the actual plants to try to avoid weeding.  It actually did deter their growth some, but we still had to peel it back and weed; a total bummer, but a good try none the less.  We usually keep our own spice containers & I LOVE fresh spices,which is what we planted today.

Instead of buying the starter pots that you can actually plant in the ground and disintegrate, we are using the cardboard egg cartons that can be torn apart once we are ready to plant that will also disintegrate over time.  In addition, we are placing our cardboard cartons into a plastic carton to help keep the water and mold, that we will recycle at the end.  Wait until you see what I ordered tomorrow; I’m still wondering if I’m doing the right thing (LOL)…to be continued…

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