Eat a Rainbow Shopping List for Kids

A young girl writing out a shopping list of food items

‘Eat a Rainbow’ is such a fun way to get kids eating their fruits and vegetables.  Get started by teaching children how to make a shopping list with my Eat a Rainbow shopping list.  This kid-friendly shopping list is colorful and encourages life skills.

A young girl writing out a shopping list of food items

Eat a Rainbow Shopping List for Kids

There are so many ways to eat a rainbow!  And eating a rainbow is so much more fun than saying ‘eat your fruits and veggies’.  I have a whole bunch of rainbow eating creativity I am working on, but it occurred to me when prepping all of those recipes how important it is to involve the kids in the grocery shopping experience.  It’s filled with life skills; meal planning, list making, organizing, budgeting and shopping. 

As a result of thinking through the process, I decided to create a simple fruit and veggie rainbow inspired shopping list.  It’s perfect for summer recipe planning and making!

It’s an entire life skill experience all packed into one  simple sheet of colorful paper!

  1. Simply print the shopping list page.
  2. Cut in half; there’s two lists on each page.

List making options are endless, but here are two thoughts;

  1.  Have your child(ren) help with your entire meal planning process, list making and shopping for the week.
  2. Pick out a recipe that your family can make together and have your child(ren) make a list for those specific recipe supplies and then shop together.

Recipes are so much more that just good tasting food!  

Here is your fun and colorful shopping list with colorful fruits and veggies to encourage children to ‘eat a rainbow’.  Stay tuned for more rainbow eating fun!

A colorful shopping list with pictures of colorful fruits and vegetables at the top to encourage kids to eat a rainbow of healthy food


More Rainbow Prepping Fun:  Everyone needs an apron!  Here is a simple, but fun apron making activity.  It’s my rainbow thumbprint, memory making, fun that will bring a little extra color to your recipe creations. 

DIY rainbow apron made with purple, blue, green, yellow orange and red craft paints by using thumb prints to create a rainbow design on a white apron.

Rainbow Apron Making Fun Link


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