Edible Eyeballs…YUMMY!

Halloween is right around the corner and if your household is like mine, we are on activity overload!   There have been many years that I’ve signed up for the ‘baked good’ line item for the classroom treats weeks in advance and then, suddenly, the party day is here and I only have moments vs. hours to prep a snack for my kids and their friends.  As a result, I have created a few short cuts using already existing products to concoct some fun and easy quick solutions to this dilemma.  Edible Eyeballs are perfect party fare whether you have time on your hands or find yourself shorthanded.   Either way, this eye popping treat is certain to turn heads and get a ‘thumbs up’ as it’s served for a classroom party, Halloween event or birthday.

 Edible Eyeballs By Jodie Fitz

Price Chopper powdered donut holes

Red frosting

Blue or green frosting

Black frosting

Cut the donut holes in half.  Place the flat side down so that you create the eye on the rounded side.    Using blue or green frosting in a pre-purchased decorating tube or other decorating mechanism, draw a circle of frosting to create the outer eye color.  Then, add black into the center of the colored circle to create the pupil.  Use the red frosting, in a pre-purchased decorating tube or other decorating mechanism, draw lines creating a bloodshot affect.  Because, really – what would an edible eyeball at Halloween be without a little bloodshot?

Enlarge the Eyes:  If you really want and eye popping experience, frost a price chopper sugar cookie with vanilla frosting and then place the cut donut hole in the center.  Follow the instructions to create the eye above, but simply extend the bloodshot affect on to the cookie.

Frosting Tips:  If you are making a small amount of donut holes you can make your own frosting or purchase the regular pre-colored frosting in tubes that come with the decorating tips to attach or use the gel tubes that are already thin tipped.  If you are making a large number of eye balls and don’t have time to make your own frosting, pre-order butter cream frosting from the bakery department at Price Chopper, but make certain you can get the smaller tubs at your bakery, not all of them offer this service.  Remember, a little frosting goes a long way on this recipe.

Donut Holes:  You can request a package of powdered donut holes from the Price Chopper bakery in advance.  Eighteen holes come in a package, making 36 edible eyeballs



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