Eggnog French Toast, a Festive Holiday Treat

I love EGGNOG and so do my kids, so I really have to limit it in my household over the holidays or we’d all have way too much.  Once a year we make a treat with eggnog and sometimes we really enjoy it with our French Toast.

Eggnog French Toast by Jodie Fitz

1 cup light Price Chopper eggnog

½ teaspoon Price Chopper vanilla extract

1 teaspoon Price Chopper cinnamon

1 Price Chopper egg

1 teaspoon Price Chopper butter or cooking spray

Confectioner’s Sugar (optional)

5-6 slices French Toast Bread

Using a whisk, mix the eggnog, extract, cinnamon and egg together until the cinnamon is evenly distributed throughout.   Coat a stove top or electric griddle with either a teaspoon of butter or cooking spray and heat the pan over medium heat.  Lightly soak the bread on both sides and cook the French toast on the griddle using low to medium heat until toasty and brown on both sides.

You can serve the French toast with a tablespoon of eggnog or syrup drizzled over top.  Or, for added holiday fun, place a holiday cookie cutter on top of the bread and sprinkle the top of the French toast with confectioner’s sugar.  When you remove the cookie cutter there will be the outline of a design.

Note:  The bread is thicker than regular bread and absorbs the eggnog mixture quickly.  Cook slowly to cook the thoroughly and evenly.

Healthy tip:  Use whole grains and low fat products whenever possible.

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