Exercise with Dice Activity for Kids

A child's hand holding five colorful dice.

Exercise with Dice is a fun activity for kids.  It helps to keep kids active and moving.  This game will make exercising fun.

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Exercise with Dice Activity for Kids

Exercise with Dice is a fun activity for kids.  It’s simple:

  1.  Grab dice from one of your games.
  2. Print the exercise activity pdf for this dice game (see below).
  3. Set a timer.
  4. Roll the dice for each activity, write the number and follow the exercise.  Remember to count out loud especially with younger children!

Do this activity together! It will make it twice a fun and memorable; playing and exercising with your kids will set an impactful example whether it’s short period of time or a long period of time.

Want to make it more fun?  Or, maybe s-t-r-e-t-c-h the game to last a little longer?

Here are few variations to play:

  • First roll one die and determine how many times you are going to do the chart before beginning. (One doesn’t count)
  • Roll more than one dice, add the total and then follow along with the chart.  You’re including math along the way.
  • Do a countdown.  Roll 2 die, add them and go through the chart recording the activities and completing the exercises in each square.  Then roll one die, subtract it from the original total and do the activities in each square again.  You’re including addition and subtraction while doing at least two rounds of activity.

You can print and repeat as many times as you would like!

Print Version – Exercise with Dice Game

Simply click on the image to open the PDF and then print.


Don’t forget to visit CLICK’s page!  He is my character that encourages movement and that being active is not a chore, but can be fun.  When you head over to CLICK’s page you will find:

  • An Activity Chart to print and track your activity!
  • CLICK’s Coloring Page ‘Exercise is my Jam’
  • An Activity Guide
  • More fun activities…

CLICK here to get to CLICK’s Page.

Click encourages Movement


Check out CLICK’s fun nature walk ‘I SPY’ game.  Simply following the link below the picture, download the pdf and head out for a walk while playing a game of ‘I SPY’.  It’s another great way to keep kids busy, active and moving….and take advantage of Spring’s fresh air.

CLICK here to download the PDF

And, don’t forget to stay hydrated while you are keeping active.  Meet CLICK’s friend SIP.  You can visit SIP’s Page where you will find a water chart, coloring page and photo gallery of some of SIP’s friends following along with the activities.  There are also resources for parents about hydration.  Find SIP by clicking here.

Remember, the CDC recommends that children be active and exercise for at least 60 minutes a day.  There are many benefits of exercise;

  • stronger bones and muscles
  • leaner bodies
  • less risk of becoming overweight
  • it lowers certain health risks
  • it can improve outlook on life and self esteem

You can learn more at Kids Health.org. There are also articles and resources at the site.  

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