Make Family Memories with No Bake Kitchen Fun for Easter with Bunny Cookies

no bake bunny cookies

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These no bake bunny cookies are  an adorably fun treat!  What are they good for?

  • they are perfect for grabbing a few minutes to make a little kitchen memory fun with the kids without baking.
  • you can spread out the ingredients at an Easter Egg Party or Easter Egg Hunt and let the kids have fun for creating their own masterpiece.
  • if you’re a busy parent, but you’ve signed up for the classroom party and find that you have no time to bake, these ingredients are easy to grab and pull together without the baking process in the mix.

Bunny Butt Cookies by Jodie Fitz

Sugar cookies

Vanilla butter cream frosting (see below)

Large marshmallows

Pink frosting in a tube

Other Supplies Needed:

Writing tip for cake decorating



Butter knives (plastic are best for young friends)

Directions (per cookies):

  1. Spread the vanilla frosting on the sugar cookie with a butter or plastic knife.
  2. Cut two marshmallows in half width wise so that you have four circles.
  3. Place one half marshmallow in      the center of the cookie to serve as a bunny tail.
  1. Place two other halves towards the bottom of the cookie like in the picture with three quarters of the marshmallow on the cookie and a quarter hanging off to serve as bunny feet.
  2. Decorate the bottom of the bunny feet with three dots for tows & a large circle as the bottom pad of the bunny foot.
  3. Repeat & have fun!

Looking for a Delicious Buttercream you don’t have to make? You can find vanilla butter cream frosting at the bakery department in your Price Chopper/Market 32 stores. They sell it in pints or quarts depending on the size of your crowd.

Pink Frosting: You can purchase a tube of Cake Mate® pink frosting in the baking aisle at your Price Chopper/Market 32 Supermarkets along with screw on tips to make this process easy & fun.

Lessons for Kids:

  • Pressure in using a frosting writing tip when piping/cake decorating

Looking for more no bake Easter Yum Fun with built in portion controls?  Check out these little mini carrot pots of dirt.

The kids will LOVE helping with dessert making festivities this Easter!

Click here for the recipe.

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