Frozen Blueberry Limeade Recipe

Fresh Frozen Blueberry Limeade served in glass jars with colorful rainbow paper straws and fresh fruit.

Frozen blueberry limeade is the bomb!  It’s a light and refreshing drink.  It is kid-friendly, but can be parent modified.

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Frozen Blueberry Limeade Recipe

The temps are rising, honestly I’m not complaining, but it is time to pull out a few ‘cool down’ kind of recipes like my Frozen Blueberry Limeade Recipe.  This recipe is refreshingly delicious and made with all whole ingredients so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of peak blueberry season here in the northeast.

I have always loved fun summer drink recipes and mixing up tasty concoctions.  We get to keep the oven off, still have fun, cool things down, keep it fresh and still make a sweet sipping memory.

This frozen mix is certain to be a summer ‘flave fav’ because it’s definitely one of mine.  I recently made this for a group and the response ‘…this is light and refreshing and not overly sweet, it’s delicious‘.  

Here is my recipe for you to print and try!

Frozen Blueberry Limeade Recipe

Fresh Frozen Blueberry Limeade served in glass jars with colorful rainbow paper straws and fresh fruit.


  • 4 cups ice
  • 2 cups water
  • ½ cup honey
  • ½ cup fresh frozen blueberries
  • ¼ cup lime juice, fresh squeezed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Add the ice, water, honey, frozen blueberries, lime juice and vanilla extract into a blender. Blend the mixture thoroughly and serve.


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I have a few more thoughts on making this recipe:

How Many Limes? You will need approximately 2 limes to yield ¼ cup of lime juice.

Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice: Cut each lime in half. Squeeze the juice into a measuring cup either by hand or by using a citrus juicer.  If you are hand squeezing the lime, always squeeze it into a cup first vs the blender pitcher so that you can extract any seeds.

Lesson for Kids in the Kitchen:  There are always lessons in every recipe, here are a few to focus on if you are making this with the kiddos.

  • Measuring
  • Blending
  • Safety Skills
  • Combining fresh ingredients
  • Using fresh fruit in Recipes
  • List making
  • Shopping for ingredients

Here’s a little odd fact about blueberries (just Because):  Did You Know, American Colonists boiled blueberries with milk to create grey paint? It sounds weird, right?  But real! 

Well if you knew this fun fact, awesome!  And, if you didn’t now you do (haha) and just maybe you’ll need that little odd factoid when you play trivia at some point (wink).

Wait we can’t leave out the lime!  Do you know how to say lime in French?  le citron vert.  Why did I pick French to share?  Good question.  But, now we both know the answer.  

But, here’s the best fact of all!  You can turn this little yummy into one of the best margaritas ever!  Yes, that’s right; uh, huh.  How?  Follow these 4 Steps…

STEP 1: Grab a margarita glass!

STEP 2: Pour 1 oz of cointreau or triple sec into that margarita glass.

STEP 3:  Pour 2 oz. of tequila into that margarita glass.

STEP 4:  Top it off with the frozen blueberry limeade and a twist of lime (and, maybe a slight stir).


Frozen Blueberry Margarita #frozenmargarita #margaritarecipe #summerdrinks



Another family favorite = my Reese’s Fake Shake.

Why is it a ‘fake shake’?  Because it’s thick and delicious, but there’s actually no ice cream in the mix.

Click Here and make your own Reese’s Fake Shake.

On a side note because I love fun facts, have you ever wondered where the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup actually came from?  It was actually created/invented by a man who’s name was H.B. Reese.

So, if you read this and win at trivia, you’re welcome! (wink)


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  1. Yum, I love all things blueberry and this drink sounds delicious so I have to save it for later. Thanks for sharing it with us at #OMGHWW and hope to see you next week!

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