Stretches for Kids that are Fun and Simple

Children in an exercise class on multi colored matts wearing bright colored clothing following a class instructors directions as they reach to touch their toes.

Here are some fun and simple stretches for kids.  These stretches can be played as a game to help keep kids busy and active.  You can have fun, make memories and move together.

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Fun and Simple Stretches for Kids

Here is a great game to get kids stretching, keep them moving and help with flexibility.

  1. Print the S-T-R-E-T-C-H with CLICK activity sheet.
  2. Cut each of the stretch squares out.  
  3. Place the squares in a small, lunch-size paper bag.
  4. Close the bag, shake the pieces, pull one out and S-T-R-E-T-C-H for at least 15 minutes a day!

Click the image to download the PDF!

Stretches for Kids in Review

Here is quick stretch overview of the stretches on the chart:

1. Side Stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Simply reach up and over with your right arm, stretching your left arm towards the ground as far as you can stretch and hold the pose.  Repeat on the other side.

2. Shoulder Stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Reach the right arm straight out in front of you. Bend the left arm and put the left wrist on the back of the right arm, just above the elbow. Your left palm will be facing to the side. Use the left arm to gently press the right arm across your body until you feel a good stretch.  Hold the pose and count.  Repeat on the other side.

3.  Open Leg Stretches

Sit on the floor with your legs open wide.  Stretch to the left, trying to reach your toes with your fingers, and hold the pose.  Stretch to the center and hold the pose.  Stretch to the right, again trying to reach your toes with your fingers, and hold the pose.  Count as you hold each pose.  

Note:  It’s okay if you can’t reach your toes.  

4.  Child’s Pose

This stretch/yoga pose is very relaxing!

You kneel with your toes touching.  You can keep your knees spread apart or together, depending on what’s comfortable.  Slowly bend over and touch your forehead to the ground with your arms stretched/extended in front of you.  Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply as you hold the pose.

5. Standing Lunge Stretch

Bend your right knee and step your left leg straight back onto the ball of your foot. Go as far as you are comfortable, but don’t let your right knee bend past your toes. Keep your hips even, keep your torso upright and look straight ahead.  Rest your hands gently above your right knee for stability but do not press on your knee.

6. Cobra Stretch

The basic movement of the yoga Cobra pose is to arch the spine.

Lay on the floor, on your tummy. This pose has benefits that include strengthening and stretching your back muscles. However, it may need to be modified or avoided if you have certain back problems.  Place your forearms on the floor—not just your palms, be sure your elbows are directly under your shoulders so that as you extend your arms and arch you are in control of the movement.

Take a few deep breaths. Then on an exhale, slowly lower back to the ground. 

7. Neck Stretch

Stand with your feet hip-width apart.  Gently tilt your head toward your right shoulder.  Stop when you feel the stretch. Don’t raise your shoulder.  Hold the stretch and repeat on the other side.

8. Hamstring Stretch

Sit on the floor with one leg out straight. Bend the other leg at the knee and position the sole of that foot against your opposite inner thigh or to the side.  Extend your arms and reach forward over the one straight leg by bending at the waist as far as possible.  Hold this position and count.  Repeat on the other leg.

9. Standing Thigh Stretch

Stand with your feet hip-width apart.  Bend your right knee, while reaching behind and grasping your ankle with one hand.  Hold the pose.  Return to a standing position and repeat on the other leg.

Note:  You can hold onto a countertop or chair back to assist in balance.

Click encourages Movement

Don’t forget to print CLICK’s Movement Chart and record your movement.

What will you find on CLICK’s Page?  CLICK encourages movement.  He likes kids to know that movement can be both fun and easy.  When you head over to CLICK’s page you will find:

CLICK here to get to CLICK’s Page.

NOTE:  While we share creative movement options and ideas, you are responsible for you and your child’s limitations and/or own experiences. Always check with a healthcare provider with any questions you may have.

If you need more information for these Stretches for Kids search them at for more detailed information.  

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