Getting Ready to Rock the Summer with some simple kid fun…

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We’re getting ready to rock the summer away at the counters with a little kid friendly simple fun!  I found these ice cube trays at a specialty shop in Vermont earlier this year.  They’re made by Fred & Friends.  We filled these Rockin’ Ice trays with Pom Wonderful 100% Juice (one of our favorites…pomegranate/blackberry blend) and froze them up over night.  The kids then swirled away in Newman’s Own Virgin Lemonade….

It was a HIT and it was awesomely easy!!!!  Serve this at your counters this summer and you too will go straight to the top of the charts (LOL)…

P.S. as of the date of this post…you can download a coupon for $1 off PomWonderful at their site by clicking here.  And, $.75 off off Newman’s Own Virgin Lemonade by clicking here.  (Disclaimer=I have no idea when they’ll pull these coupons from their site :)).










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