Kids Fun 101: Homemade Hula Hoops turns into Olympic Fun!

Homemade hula hoops are great to make. In fact, they can easily be turned into backyard olympic fun;

I can’t believe the Olympics have already been going in full force for almost one week.  I always consider the two week period of the Olympics a great time to promote being ACTIVE!  It’s funny, as much as we are sitting and watching them, I find my youngest more active in other ways as she’s inspired by the athletes.  In fact, she’s already improved her dive, worked on her swimming techniques, attempting to master a side dive & can lemon drop herself into the pool.  Thank you Olympian athletes, because most of her new tricks are nothing that I excel at & can demonstrate, but I do make a great cheering section!  We are moving on to watching more gymnastics, can’t wait to see what grass tumbling is in store…

In the meantime, we got active and celebrated the launch of the Olympics with our own Olympic hula hooping.  We invited a few friends, kept our gathering small & relatively simple by making homemade hula hoops, swimming and then serving light fare with the opening ceremonies.

Homemade Hula Hoops

How do you make a homemade hula hoop (and, turn it into backyard olympic fun)?

1.  Purchase your supplies:

– 3/4 inch irrigation tubing 100 psi found in the plumbing section at your local hardware store.

NOTE: I don’t recommend this activity unless you are having a party.  You can only purchase the tubing in 100 ft. lengths.  Since our party we have made two more to share with a cousin and another friend and still have tubing  hanging out in the basement, however it was FUN & makes for a GREAT birthday party idea.

– 3/4 inch couplers

NOTE: double check that it’s 3/4 inches on both sides, because there are many couplers with varying sizes on either end.

– black duct tape

– colored electrical tape

– cutting device

NOTE: You can purchase a special irrigation tube cutter, but we simply used a sharp X-acto knife.

2.   Measure each child’s length of tubing individually and cut it accordingly.  We measured ours at the mid-way point between one’s belly button & chest; they were a perfect fit.

3.  You have to warm each end, one at a time, in order to fit the connector into the tubing and create the circular hoop.  My husband heard the word ‘blow dryer’ and became Tim the Tool Man, ran down to his work room and brought out this gadget;

Have to say, NOT KID FRIENDLY!  We used it, but I made my husband do the work after he lit it up the first time;  I really didn’t want to explain any unnecessary injuries to parents – LOL!

NOTE: It should connect with barely any of the coupler showing.

4.  Cut a piece of black duct tape and wrap the area you’ve connected to cover the connection.

5.  Decorate your hoops with electrical tape.

NOTE: We were making the olympic rings, however, we substituted a black ring for orange. In order to avoid any issues, I simply placed our electrical tape into a bag and let the kids blindly pull out their colors.  I successfully found green, white, red, orange, yellow and blue prior to the party.  Post party, I located violet.  However, I have to say that I’m glad I found it post-party, because EVERYONE would have wanted it; crisis averted!

You can use duct tape, but it’s stickier and trickier.  The electrical tape is much more forgiving for kids to use in the wrapping process.

Where did I find our products with the best value?

Duct tape = Wal-Mart or a craft store with a coupon

Irrigation Piping & Couplers = Home Depot

White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue & Green Electrical tape = Wal-Mart or AC Moore with a coupon

Violet = Home Depot (it’s the only place I found violet & I visited 5 different stores)


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    1. Glad you liked it 🙂 And, didn’t realize that there was actually an olympic hula hooping team until the summer 2012 olympics, we were initially just having olympic ring fun!

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