Kid-Friendly Nature Walk Activity

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This kid-friendly nature walk activity is fun.  It turns a walk into a family game.  It helps to get kids moving and stay active.

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Kid-Friendly Nature Walk Activity

Why get your kids outside for a kid-friendly nature walk?

  • Vitamin D
  • Exercise
  • Appreciation of Nature
  • Family Time

Here is a game board to print off for the kids to take on their nature walk so that they can play a game of ‘I Spy’.   Click on the photo to open the PDF and print.  The kids simply look for the items and cross them off as each item is discovered on the walk.  It’s fun, it’s easy, it promotes active kids.

Here are some additional nature walk tips and ideas:

  • Set your timer and plan to walk for 30 minutes.
  • Add your time to CLICK’s activity tracker (see below).
  • Collect rocks to paint for another activity.
  • Start a rock collection.
  • Collect leaves for leaf rubbing activities.
  • Pick flowers to fill a vase at home.
  • Pick flowers to press and dry.

Looking for more kid fun activities that will keep the kids moving?  CLICK™ is sharing checklists and movement charts for the kids to follow along with.  Here is one of the other fun activities for kids to check out:

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Record your play time by downloading Click’s Activity Chart!  Form a healthy habit of 60 minutes of activity everyday.

Click encourages Movement

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Wait don’t forget to keep us on the loop.  Let us know if you went on a nature walk and found everything on your ‘I SPY’ game.  You can leave us a comment below or you can send us a note at  We love to hear from our friends at the Better Bites Gang!

Learn more about the health benefits of walking via these resources:

The Mayo Clinic

*NOTE: While we share creative movement options and ideas, you are responsible for your and your child’s limitations and/or own experiences. Always check with a healthcare provider with any questions you may have.

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