Easy Way to Include Kids in Meal Planning


IMG_0831LIke millions of other households we are in the process of prepping for back to school and beginning the fall Meal Planning process.  And, for what feels like forever, I’ve planned the meals, food and groceries for the week with some input and shopping help along the way.  But, this year, I’m giving the kids full reign with certain meals including their breakfast, lunchbox packing and after school snacks.  I created this chart below for my youngest and the entire process is working.  My youngest is thinking, planning, we’re chatting through the ideas and we’re balancing.  The next phase?  Putting them to work helping with the prep as we follow along on the chart hung in the pantry.  The Goal?  Teaching them a valuable life skill.  My only regret? Not starting this sooner!  

Below the picture is a link for a free printable of this Meal Planning Chart if you are interested in joining us as we start our Survivor Sunday’s ™ and begin or weekly planning along with a few links to a breakfast, lunch and after school snack that we LOVE!

 lunch and breakfast meal plan for kids

lunch and breakfast meal plan for kids

Breakfast Sandwiches on the Run

Sandwich Dippers

Choco Monkey Smoothie



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21 Comments on “Easy Way to Include Kids in Meal Planning”

  1. Great idea for the family. When my kids get older it would be a good thing, if only to get them eating all their dinner! Izzy actually insisted we have sausages tonight, she has just started enjoying them in a slice of bread with sauce 🙂

    1. :)! When my oldest was young and wasn’t eating enough we used to play a game called, ‘How Many Bites Can You Take!’. I would say, you can be done if you eat two more bites & then ask if that’s enough. He would & then I’d say, okay now two more bites and ask again & he did & before he knew it he had eaten enough to qualify as a meal vs one bite, be done & then be hungry in 30 minutes. Maybe it will work for your crew too!

    1. THANK you for pinning! It’s been working like a charm…it keeps me just as accountable. We have been using a chart for two weeks & I’m saving the ones we made so that we can rotate ideas if we want too :)…

  2. Great printable Jodie. Love that you’re involving the kids and the skills they will get from it. At least they will be happy to eat all the meals, which will probably mean less wastage too 🙂

  3. For some reason the planner isn’t showing up for me Jodie. I think it’s such a great idea to have kids start helping when they are young. It helps them to develop a love for cooking. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. I am so sorry you can’t see it. Try clicking on the pdf link for the download and see if it appears? Thanks for stopping by…. ~ jodie

    1. I was so glad you featured it – THANK YOU! I had added your button up a couple of weeks ago when I saw that :). Hope your September is going well… ~ jodie

  4. This is a marvelous idea! When the children are grown and on their own, they’ll have marvelous meal planning skills – love the printable! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. THANK you – sometimes it’s hard to think in certain terms as a mom, but ultimately we are suppose to get them ready to ‘launch’ & live healthy, productive lives – hopefully this will help them… :)! Thanks for stopping by xo ~ jodie

  5. What a wonderful blog post! I don’t cook much, but I did teach my boys to do laundry and they both do their own now (14 and 17 years old.) I’ll work on the cooking before son #1 goes off to college!

    1. My boys also learned the lesson of the laundry room too. Not my youngest yet, but some day…

      There’s a story behind their ‘laundry’ lesson – I’ll have to share it in a blog post at some point 🙂 Have a GREAT day & so glad you stopped by ~ jodie

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