Learn How to Make an Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

How to make Ice Cream Cake!

A little factoid about me = I worked at an ice cream shop and diner during my college summer years.  It was owned by an adorable older couple, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, who took me under their wing and treated me like family.  Mrs. Pierce taught me how to make ice cream cakes along with a few cake decorating tips; just enough for me to help with keeping up on orders.

I put this skill to work once I had my own children.  We didn't have the soft ice cream machines, but we would make homemade ice cream with my parents hand crank ice cream maker, add my son's favorite candies that he would choose and make our own ice cream cakes for his birthday.

Then, I had a second child and a third and life was just way to busy; we have quite the spread in ages going on in our home.  So, I found ways to cut corners on time, but get the same result (all those tips below).

Ice cream cake is a favorite in our house for birthdays and for special occasions like Father's Day.  So, when Price Chopper/Market 32 asked me to feature their PICS ice cream this month at the kids cooking club, I knew exactly what I would make for Father's Day.

Here’s all the how-to’s so that you can make your own ice cream cake at home.  It's great for summer special occasions; and, Mrs. Pierce's ice cream cake education lives on.

Ice Cream Cake by Jodie Fitz

1.5 quart PICS peanut butter explosion frozen dairy dessert

1.5 quart PICS chocolate and vanilla frozen dairy dessert

2 cups chocolate cookie crumbs

¼ cup chocolate syrup

PICS spray can of whipped cream

9” springform pan

Remove the base flavor of ice cream 10-15 minutes before you begin the cake making process. For this cake, it will be the chocolate and vanilla. Spread the entire container into the springform, spreading it for a smooth surface and put the springform pan in the freezer for an hour.

Mix the cookie crumbs and chocolate syrup together.

Spread the cookie crumbs onto the layer of frozen ice cream. Place the cake back into the freezer for an hour.

Remove the top favor of ice cream 10-15 minutes before adding it to the cake. For this cake we are using PICS peanut butter explosion frozen dairy dessert. Spread th entire container on top of the cookie layer. Place the cake back in the freezer overnight.

Using a sharp knife dipped in hot water, run it around the edge of the sides of the springform pan. Unhook the springform pan and remove the sides.

Frost the cake with dots of whipped cream using the PICS spray can of whipped cream approximately and hour or two before serving. Place the cake in the freezer until you are ready to serve.

Crushed Cookies: You can often find crushed cookies in the baking aisle at your Price Chopper/Market 32 Supermarkets. Or, you can make your own by purchasing your favorite chocolate cookies and crushing them in a mini food processor.

Lesson for Kids in the Kitchen:

  • Measuring
  • Knife safety skills
  • Recipe making
  • List making
  • Shopping for ingredients
  • Crafting with food

Did You Know, there is a national ice cream day? It’s celebrated in July.

NOTE:  This recipe was featured at Love My Little Cottage and Miz Helen's Full Plate Thursday.

Here's another one of my hubby's favorites if you're looking for something for Father's Day dinner.

He LOVES all things taco!

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  1. We’ve made homemade ice cream cakes this same way before (and I often drizzle the top with a bit of leftover chocolate sauce too). They are always a huge hit!

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  3. How genius to mix the cookie with syrup! My ice cream cakes are good (it’s ice cream what’s not to like?); but this little trick steps it up a notch. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations!
    Your post is featured on our Top Ten this week at Full Plate Thursday! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, we have pinned it to our special features board. Hope you have a great day and come back real soon!
    Miz Helen

    1. Awwww. Thank you Miz Helen. I love visiting each week. I will add a link back on this post too. Have an awesome week. Can’t wait to see all of the tasty bites at the party this week. xo

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